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Sometimes, certain things in life seem too good to be true, and AI Marketing’s automatic cashback system is most definitely one of them.

Using this unique investment format, AI Marketing promises to make your money work for you, for you, if you catch our drift.

In other words, after investing a lump sum, you don’t have to do a single thing, and if this company is to be believed, you’ll receive some pretty hefty ROIs within a few months, at which point, you simply withdraw the funds.

But this “free money” setup has, understandably, gotten people a little suspicious (okay, a LOT suspicious) of the company, their methodology, and their intentions.

Is AI Marketing a legitimate moneymaker for users, or is it all an elaborate scam? That’s exactly what we endeavored to find out!

AI Marketing: How Does It Work?

AI Marketing essentially gives investors access to a bot network that advertises deals on products from a number of partnered brands.

The investor funnels some money into the service, money that goes towards advertising said deals, then the bots use state-of-the-art analytics to position these ads to maximize click-through.

Once the ads are in place, any revenue they generate is dolled out in a 55:45 split between the investor and the company… or so we’re led to believe.

AI Marketing: Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Tons of partner companies


  • Withdrawals are locked
  • Even when permitted, withdrawal windows are few and far between
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • You may lose your entire investment
  • Want but no need for investors is suspicious
  • Pyramid scheme structure
  • As far as we can tell, it’s a Ponzi scheme

AI Marketing: Review

In this review, we’ll be giving you warts and all truth about AI Marketing, and believe us… there are a lot of warts.


AI Marketing offers two services:

Online Offers

This company’s flagship service is its online cashback offer. To use this system, you invest money in online advertisements, then any revenue they generate is split between you and the company.

Rather than picking products you’d like to purchase and then get cashback for, in this scheme, you pick the products or brands you wish to advertise to others, then sprinkle them throughout your online platforms.

When the ads draw traffic or lead to a sale, the buyer gets a cashback deal, and you get the kickback from the sale — In essence, it’s a clever affiliate scheme.

Even if you don’t have a large or influential online presence, AI Marketing gives you the option of investing money to have bots use in-depth statistical analysis to position them in optimal locations around the web for you.

So what do you do? Well, according to Marketing AI, sit around and wait for your money pile to reach Scrooge McDuck altitude.

To get in on it, all you have to do is visit the AI Marketing website, click the “Online Cashback” link, and follow the instructions to make an account. It’s all very easy, almost… too easy.

Offline Cashback

The alternative service works much like a traditional cashback deal. You shop at the brick-and-mortar site of one of the partnered enterprises, and you get cash back for sticking within the AI Marketing ecosystem.

You still have to make an account to use this service, but it works differently. When you buy a product from the partnered store, you have to take a legible picture of the receipt, then post it on their website.

Essentially, this is the deal you’re advertising to others when you use their online cashback scheme.


One of the things that makes the online AI Marketing system seem so irresistible is the remarkably low buy-in rate. You can inject as little as $10, and, supposedly, start earning cashback that can be funneled straight back into the scheme to bulk up your investment and thus start a snowball-Esque cumulative return.

We see this as a positive, as it allows you to test the waters with a fairly negligible sum, but if the small investment pays off, it’s all too tempting to double down and increase your profits, which is when you stand to get hurt if the company isn’t on the up and up.

AI Marketing Reviews

ROI Rate

On paper, the return on investment rate of AI Marketing is amazing, if that is, you can sufficiently market the cashback deals.

See, it’s all based on outreach. The more exposure you can gain by sprinkling the ads around on any websites or social media accounts, the more you stand to see in return.

What’s more, if you can recruit a “team” of new users, you get a little bit of the kickback for all the revenue their ads generate.

The larger your team, the more funds trickle down to you… Sound familiar? Yep, this means that what AI Marketing is running here is a pyramid scheme, by definition.

And, as you’ll see in a moment, it also occupies some Ponzi scheme territory as well.

Of course, those who invest in the bots supposedly stand to make a tidy profit too, but there’s something fishy about this whole operation.

Let us ask you this… If AI Marketing has these bots, they can make money from ads themselves without having to pay out to investors, so why do they need you?

The answer is simple; they don’t! So why are they offering the service?

With investors in the picture, they’re splitting money that needn’t be split, so there has to be some ulterior motive and call us pessimists, but we don’t think that motive is to help you out.


Before investing in Marketing AI, we urge you to ask the question… where does the money earned go?

Does it go into your bank account? No, absolutely not. It goes into your “AI Marketing account”, an account the user has almost no control over.

Although you can pay in money at your discretion, getting money back can be like trying to draw blood from a stone.

Allegedly, users gain access to the funds in their accounts every 30 to 45 days, but there are frequent “tech problems” that put accounts on hold for months at a time.

In fact, the company has been experiencing these “tech problems” for nigh on a year at this stage, in which time, no users have been able to access their accounts.

This is most likely the natural termination point of a Ponzi scheme.

For those who don’t know, a Ponzi scheme is designed to attract a primary pool of investors and a subsequent pool of investors.

The funds of the secondary pool of investors are used to pay out to the earlier investors to create the illusion of legitimacy, and thus, the schemers can keep the process going, with people investing more and more as trust builds over time.

Eventually, however, the operation peaks, the payouts dry up, and all the money invested at this point is inaccessible to the investors and essentially stolen by the organization running the scheme.

This is why there are countless early testimonials claiming AI Marketing is the best thing since sliced bread, as initial investors were indeed pulling in great ROIs, but bear in mind that this is also a recruitment-based scheme.

Those singing the company’s praise weren’t just spreading awareness for the good of their fellow man; they were trying to build their pyramid, so to speak, so nothing said can be trusted.

To sum this section up, let’s just revisit this chilling fact: you are encouraged to invest your hard-earned money, but you will not be able to withdraw your investment or your profits.

How Do You Get Paid

We’ll admit before the AI Marketing scheme came crashing down, they did advertise a pretty diverse range of payment portals so when withdrawal day did finally come around, you had a reasonable amount of flexibility.

Not only could you withdraw your money as cash via bank card, Yandex. Money, and Qiwi, you could also convert it into Ethereum or Bitcoin and have the money funneled into your crypto wallet.

User Support

According to numerous reports, when people try to find out what’s going on, they’re met with copied and pasted responses that repeat the same nondescript explanation for the withdrawal holdups.

Having said that, the fact that they have a live chat, as well as a self-help FAQ page, puts them a rung above many other similar online cashback operations.

The Website

We’d be lying if there aren’t some pretty good AI Marketing site features.

It’s an easy-to-navigate layout, and creating an account couldn’t be easier, yet there are a number of strange spelling mistakes and syntactical errors that definitely undermine any legitimacy established by the professional and intuitive design.

Final Thoughts

We can’t recommend using AI Marketing, as, all things considered, it seems as though it’s a con in its dying stages, and the crooks are about to do away with swag bags full of users’ money.

Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe the recurring tech issues are legit, and withdrawals will be permitted as soon as these troubles are wrapped up, but, at the very least, wait until we see some evidence that the cogs are turning again to invest.

If you really want to give it a try, we’d recommend going no further than using the traditional offline cashback system, as that may be the only way the company doesn’t get to sit on your money like a dragon, refusing to let you get it back when you need it.

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