Why Is SEO Important For Your Online Success

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Why Is SEO Important For Your Online Success
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This is my ninth article in my getting started series. I have tried to write each one to build off the previous articles, but also as a stand-alone article. My goal is to help you learn something different with each of my articles.

In a previous article, I discussed how to do keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO). Here I will discuss in more detail what is search engine optimization, what is SEO traffic, and why is SEO important for your online success.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Some call search engine optimization a practice and others call it a strategy. Basically, it is how people find my site. If you search for something on Google, how many results come up? Pages and pages, along with some ads and videos. Did you come here through a search?

The more specific your search, the more specific your results. You can read more in “How to do a keyword search for search engine optimization”.

What Is SEO TrafficSEO

SEO traffic is visitors that find your site through their searches. The higher your ranking is for the keyword that they searched, the more likely they will be to visit your site. The goal is to get on the first page of the ranking for a specific keyword to start, then you want to get to the first position. This is where you will get the most visitors off that one keyword.

Each article you write will be listed under multiple keywords.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Online Success

SEO is important since this is how people will find your site through organic or natural searches. This is a way to bring visitors without paying anything. It’s FREE advertising!  There are times that you may want to do paid advertising, but free is free.

Your site ranking will increase as you get more visitors to your site. If you only get 10 visitors a month off one keyword and your article is ranked for five different keywords, this means 50 free visitors to your site a month for that one article.

What do you think happens when you write more articles? You get ranked for more keywords, which means you will get more visitors and will get more sales. This will take time to write good quality articles. See “How to write content for a website”.

How Can I Improve My SEOSEO optimization

There are a number of ways to improve your SEO:

  • I have found that when I do keyword searches in Jaaxy and focus on less competitive words, I have a better chance to get ranked higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing quicker.
  • As you add more valuable content to your site, it will grow in authority and will help your ranking. Search engines like to see new content being added on a regular basis. If you only add one article a week, it will take longer to build your site out and get better rankings.
  • Newer sites are not ranked as high as older established sites. This will occur naturally over time.
  • Having more unique visitors posting comments on your site and as you respond to them, this will help.
  • Have you noticed that I have links from this article to some of my others? Google, Yahoo, and Bing like to see that. This will help with rankings and when visitors read additional articles on my site, they are spending more time here. This will increase my average visitor time, which also helps.

These are only a few tips to help with your SEO ranking, there are many other things that you can do.


Watch this 12-minute video from Wealthy Affiliate for a better understanding.

SEO ready


We have discussed a lot here. What is search engine optimization, what is SEO traffic, why is it important for your success, and some tips on how to improve your SEO.

This is just an overview, there are entire books written on this subject, and some of them covering various techniques or strategies of how to improve your SEO. Google, Yahoo, and Bing use a complicated algorithm to rank sites based on multiple criteria. This has always been a closely guarded secret.

We can run tests to see how we can get indexed or ranked quicker, but that only helps to a point. If you build a site the correct way, indexing will happen quickly. I have had articles indexed in an hour and others have taken a couple of weeks. It’s easy to overlook minor details that can delay indexing, but the more I work at it, the better I get.

If you would like to learn more about building your online business, see my review on Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I learned how to build my sites and continue to learn from the amazing community there. You can also click here to create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account and learn how to use SEO to your advantage.

Please leave your comments, questions, or anything that you would like to see in future articles below.  When you leave a comment, you are helping my SEO, which I do appreciate.

Thank you for reading and best wishes with your online endeavors,


Wealthy Affiliate

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2 thoughts on “Why Is SEO Important For Your Online Success”

  1. Thanks for the great tips about how to get higher SEO, thanks for the great tips! I’ll definitely be doing some more research on this. I’m wondering what has worked best for you personally?

    • Before I write an article, I search my ideas in Jaaxy. I look for a combination of lower competition with a decent amount of searches. I would rather have 50 people searching a keyword and have 20 competitors than have 1,000 people searching with 200 competitors. It’s easier to get ranked in the search engines with lower competition. If I only get 10 people a month that find me from that one keyword and I have hundreds of keywords like that, my traffic will be just fine.

      This is only one of the many things that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate when I first started.

      Thank you for your comment,


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