How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? – SSSHHH Don’t let it Get Out!

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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? – SSSHHH Don’t let this get out

Wealthy Affiliate
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Have you ever wanted to start your own business? What about an online business? Not sure where to start? Don’t feel bad, most of us don’t or didn’t. With all the opportunities out there, which one is best for me?

I want to introduce you to a site, well more like a program or a system that can get your online business up and running in no time. If you’re like me, it did take a few hours of going through some lessons to create my first site.

I want to explain some reasons why I joined Wealthy Affiliates but will need to explain what Wealthy Affiliate is, what are Wealthy Affiliate Programs, the community, and how much it cost.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a proven system that gives anyone the opportunity to start an online business. Using the latest technology, provided me with the tools that I used to create my own online business. Yes, there are other programs that can do this as well, but what makes Wealthy Affiliate different is the system they used to do it.

They believe that giving you the tools is only part of it. I also needed to learn to use them, so they provided easy-to-follow lessons that walked me through the entire process one step at a time. This was what I really needed since I have never tried to build a website before.

What are Wealthy Affiliate Programs?Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has two main programs with lessons that are tailored for each of them. Keep in mind that these are all self-paced and I can go through them multiple times at any hour of the day.

I have gone through some courses a second time to make sure I understood what they were teaching me. All the courses are recorded so you do not need to rush. Pause and rewind became my friends.

  1. The affiliate program – the 5 courses with 50 lessons are designed to teach you how to create an effective website focusing on affiliate programs. You decide what the overall theme or niche of your website will be. The lessons will teach you to build the site, how to write rich content, and how to find affiliate programs.
  2. The affiliate boot camp – is a 7-course, 70-lesson program that will teach me to build a website step by step. This is similar to the affiliate program but will teach me to run my online business more efficiently.

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp

I am in TOTAL control of what goes on my website and how it looks!

Some affiliate programs I was able to sign up with some on day one, while others wanted to see some content on my site first. This is fine, all I did was follow the lessons and create articles and product reviews to post on my site.

After a few articles and product reviews, I was able to join Amazon’s and other affiliate programs and start earning a commission on sales when someone clicks on my affiliate links. This was all covered in the lessons.

For example, if I want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, I would learn to create my site, how to write content, use social media or paid ads to direct traffic to my site, promote Wealthy Affiliate or another online business and earn a commission on anyone that joins.

When I first started, I went through the affiliate program. I had some ideas and wanted to learn to build a site and make money that way. When that site reached a point with plenty of content and I completed the affiliate training program, I decided to go through the boot camp.

As of the time I am writing this, I am currently going through the boot camp. I have learned a lot from the affiliate training and continue to learn more from the boot camp. As a member, I can do both and as many times as I want.

Is there someone that can help me? A support community?wealthy affiliate community

In my opinion, the community is the best that I have seen. There are always people who are willing to help me. Keep in mind that there are affiliates all over the world. I have gotten on at 3 am and others are there.

People like me are always happy to answer questions whether in live chat or post on boards. Of course, I don’t have all the answers, so I answer the ones that I know and learn from the answers that I don’t know. Even if we promote the same products, we are here to help each other. The internet is a big place and there is room for all of us.

How much does all this cost me? Really?

This is always a good question and I made sure to find out before I spent any money. I learned this after spending money on a system that did not provide me with any close to what Wealthy Affiliate does.

The other program was all about buying paid-per-click ads and bringing traffic to your site. That’s great if you have money to spend.

Wealthy Affiliate thought me to bring traffic to my site through my content that is picked up by the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is free advertising! You can do the paid ads if you want, but I wanted to get my site up and make some money first to pay for those ads.

Don’t get me wrong, if that’s the route you want to take, then by all means do it. I was on a budget and couldn’t go that way at the time. There are lessons later in the boot camp that will help me with paid ads.

On Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to complete the first course of 10 lessons for free by simply being a member. If I didn’t mention it before, membership is FREE. By that time, I created a free website, I could have actually created two free ones, but one was enough for me to start with.

The first month of the premium membership is $19, then $49 after that. When I went to the yearly plan it is $359, saving me 39%. With the premium membership, you will get access to so much more.

One benefit to being a premium member is the amazing live weekly training sessions. They helped me take what I learned in the lessons to the next level. I never know what questions others will ask, so it is another great way to learn. The sessions are recorded and I can go back and watch them again or ones that I have missed. It’s easier to take notes when you can pause or rewind the recordings.

Getting the annual membership not only saved me money, but this was my commitment to myself that I would stay with this for a year. I have no doubt that this was the right thing to do.

Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much in just a couple of months that I can’t believe I have created two websites and seen traffic coming to them. As I continue to build them the way I was shown, their rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo will continue to climb.

So, if you are looking to start an online business or expand a current business, in my opinion, there is no place better than Wealthy Affiliate.

Click here to check them out,

even if you don’t sign up, take a look around and let me know what you think.

It may be difficult to pass up on how to learn to build a free site.

When you sign up, even as a free member, I will send you a welcome message with FREE BONUSES. Make sure to read it.  Then once you complete your profile, I will send you another bonus message. Finally, when you take advantage of your discounted first month to join, I will send you one more bonus.

Even if you decide not to join as a premium member, take advantage of the 10 FREE lessons. The worse thing that can happen is that you learn something.

I did look at other online systems, but this was the right choice for me. I will discuss some of these and others in future articles. If I can use something else in my online business, then sure.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you,


Free Wealthy Affiliate

PS: One thing about Wealthy Affiliate is they are updating the training to keep it current. Many members create classes within Wealthy Affiliate that are available to other members. I have learned a lot from other members in this way and by asking questions.  There have also been several new tools added to help me and even the Premium Plus membership, which has even more training available!

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24 thoughts on “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? – SSSHHH Don’t let it Get Out!”

  1. Video Animation is an essential need for every online business. I was really upset and discouraged when I was getting enough traffic for my website but lack of readers and buyers. I found an Agent who provides me with real breathing Video Animation that promotes my products, bring more sales and enough income. Now I write passion and joy because I know I have audience who will be checking out my products. I have been using his video animation for some times now and he is the best so far.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Moshood,
      Video animation can be a great way to get a message across quickly. The use of video to provide a lot of information quickly is covered in the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Take a look at the training and start trying it out for free. Video will be covered later on, but you will first learn to set up a website properly, then as you progress through the training to more advanced topics.
      Thank you for your comment and the tip about using an agent,

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is a community that is helping so many people to have online success. When you look at the community, the training and the tools you know that you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community that is helping so many people to have online success.

    • Hi Norman,
      The community at Wealthy Affiliate is the most helpful that I have seen. Any time day or night, there has always been someone to answer my question. That’s what nice about having members all over the world, there is usually someone around.

      I would support the idea that if anyone is interested in creating an online business to try out Wealthy Affiliate, even if only for the free training.
      Thanks for your comment,

  3. Hi Jim,
    It is fantastic to see traffic coming in on a site you created. Such a great feeling and knowing that from content you put online, someone found it and then visited your site!

    WA is truly a fantastic place for anyone and any level they are at. There is no where online where you will get so much value for your money; the training, support, community and also the hosting and website security. Just brilliant.

    Good thorough article!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,
      One thing I learned how to do from the training at Wealthy Affiliate is how to use Jaaxy to do my keyword searches. This helps my articles to get ranked quickly with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As my content moves up in rank, then I will see even more traffic.

      You are correct, the training and support, community, hosting, and security is really like no other that I have seen. To me, this is an amazing opportunity for me and others.
      Thank you for your comment,

  4. I wanted to create and account but was informed that my country is yet to be enrolled. What shall I do now because I really loves the join.

    • Joseph, What country do you live in? You may be able to join, just not as a free member. If you live in one of these countries, you are not able to join as a free member, but you can join as a premium member.

      You can try it for a month, then you can make a better decision. You will have full access to the training as a premium member and not just the first 10 lesson.

    • Hi Esau,
      Learning to create my own online business at Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best decisions that I have made. Take a look and complete the first set of lessons for free. You can even set up your own website to get a feel for how things actually work.
      Best Wishes,

  5. I have seen so many people lately talking about this program and all of its many benefits. However, if there was one thing that you could change, what would it be?

    • That’s a great question. The one thing that I would have like to changed, but Wealthy Affiliate just did, was to create a six-month membership. This gives you a discounted membership rate for six-months. You will have full access to the training, live training, community, Jaaxy for keyord searches, and so much more. I think this was an awesome move to give a discounted membership with full access.

      Thank you for your question,


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