How To Do Keyword Research With Jaaxy

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How To Do Keyword Research With Jaaxy

Before we can discuss how to do keyword research for search engine optimization, let’s discuss what a keyword is. A keyword can be a single word to a group of words or phrases. The more specific your keyword, the more specific the search results will be.

Go to Google and type “baseball” in. How many results and what type did you get back? A lot, right? What if you type “baseball glove”? The results are more specific since your keyword is more specific. Now type in “Spalding baseball glove”, you will get a list of where to find and the costs of Spalding baseball gloves.

Now you have an idea of what a keyword is and how they work. You can see how important they are, but how do you know what a good keyword is? I want to share with you what I use to do my keyword searches with, why I use it, how to use it, and how to try it for free.

What is JAAXY?

Jaaxy is a keyword search platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. This is a valuable tool for anyone with an online business. I like this because it is simple and very easy to use. I get results quickly and it even helps me to look at different variations of the keyword that I am interested in.

How to use JaaxyJaaxy

For example, I type in “affiliate marketing” and it displays:

  • The keyword and a list of variations of the keyword that I typed in. In this case, Jaaxy returned “affiliate marketing programs”, “free affiliate marketing”, “affiliate marketing secrets” and so on.
  • Avg – is the average number of searches that the keyword receives each month. As you can see there are 14,253 searches done on affiliate marketing every month. This is a good indication that the keyword I typed in is too broad and should look at others in the list or narrow my search down.
  • Traffic – this is the estimated number of visits to my website that if it is on the first page in the search engines. We would all love to see 2,424 visits to our site for this one keyword.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results is the number of competing websites that are ranked in google for this exact keyword. In this case, there are 240 sites that are ranked in google for “affiliate marketing”. With a free account, click the “get QSR” to reveal this number. This number will populate automatically with a paid Jaaxy membership.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. Notice that “Great” is green, “Normal” is yellow, and “Poor” is red? Think of this as a traffic light. Go, caution, stop. The first Green on the list is for the keyword “affiliate marketing secrets”.
  • SEO – This is a score that Jaaxy assigns based on traffic and competition. The score will range from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the better your chances to rank on the first page of the search engines. Notice that “affiliate marketing programs” have an SEO of 49 making this a poor choice? This is because there is too much competition for this one keyword and it would be very difficult to rank on the first page.
  • Domains – when you do a search, click on “Find More” in Domains. This will tell you what domains are available for the keyword. “affiliate marketing programs” the .com, .org, .net, are not available, but “” is available if you want that as a domain name for your site. My personal preference is to find something where the .com is available and Jaaxy makes this very easy for me.
  • Related – Jaaxy will also give you a list of related words that you can search on? Take a look at the first couple “affiliate marketing tools” and “affiliate marketing scams”. You can do separate searches on each one of these for more ideas. These could even be great suggestions for future articles in your niche!
  • Brainstorm – this is another list that will help you brainstorm more ideas.

Jaaxy domain

Why I use Jaaxy

As you can see, Jaaxy is a powerful tool and is very easy to use. The information is presented in an easy to read table with valuable information. This could save hours of guessing and will help me target my content, titles, and focus my writing.

I get a lot of ideas from using Jaaxy and there are more ways than just what I have shown you here. There is a tab called alphabet soup which is another great tool to help come up with ideas.

When I do keyword searches, I can add what keywords I want and save them to a list. I currently have multiple lists for each of my websites. This makes it easy to keep track of what keywords I want to use in the future. I have gotten 10 or more from a search that would make great names for articles!

Final ThoughtsJaaxy rates

Now you see what a keyword is and why they are important. I have explained some of the feature of Jaaxy and why I use it.

To find out more about Jaaxy click here. When you set up a free account, you will be able to perform 30 free keyword searches. This will give you a chance to try Jaaxy and see how powerful it is.

You can also get 30 free searches in Jaaxy by being a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and as a premier member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a free Jaaxy account with unlimited searches. To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate be sure to read my review here or to create your Free Wealthy Affiliate account to learn about SEO, click here.

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2 thoughts on “How To Do Keyword Research With Jaaxy”

  1. Hi, I too use Jaaxy and it is really very powerful. I have managed to get a few posts to appear on the first page in Google search.
    Of course, you didn’t mention the many other powerful features Jaaxy includes. I like the rank checker too, I love to see where my articles are ranked on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
    I am right now studying the relevance of keywords and which ones target the audience we want to target.
    The choice of a good keyword is essential for Google and other search engines to understand when to who they have to show our posts.
    Like you say, long tail keywords, phrases can target much more precise. They can also determine which customer cycle group is targeted.
    I just learned that using keywords including words like best, top, review, 2018 etc target an audience that is interested in buying a product instead of just learning something about a topic.
    I think Jaaxy could offer some more training material for the customers, especially for those not working with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

    • Stefan,
      Thank you for your valuable insights into Jaaxy. There are a lot of benefits that I did not mention. I wanted to cover the basics since this is part of my Getting Started Series. I plan to cover checking ranking in a future article.

      An important part of getting started is to write good content based on a keyword search. This will allow anyone to quickly get indexed and ranked with Google, Yahoo. and Bing. Like everything we do, it’s one step at a time. For me, the best way to learn these steps are through Wealthy Affiliate. The training has helped me learn so much in a very short time.
      Thank you,


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