Super Affiliate Review – Scam or no-scam?

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I ran across a program the other day that just sounded way too good to be true. So, I decided to look into it a bit more. TheJohn Cresanti amounts of money they claimed you could make, how easy it is, and so on. The videos I watched, the articles that I read, and the sites that I visited, to me, seemed like a soft-sell approach for a high-ticket item or a get-rich-quick scheme.

Most of the information that I came across was all positive, there were a few exceptions.

The program that I am referring to is Super Affiliate. This will be the subject of my review today. We will discuss what it is, who is behind it, along with the good and the bad.

Super Affiliate Review

Name: Super Affiliate

Website: Super Affiliate

Price: $997.00

Owners: John Cresanti

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.

Super Affiliate, Product OverviewSuper Affiliate

The Super Affiliate program is a system designed to help you make money, well lots of money online. Rebranded from “Internet Jetset System”. There is a 12-week training that will cover:

  • Ads – students are shown how to create ads that work. There are also prewritten ads that can simply be copied and pasted.
  • Presell – downloadable presell page templates are provided along with click-and-clone click funnel templates. This makes it easier for new affiliates to start quickly.
  • Offers – students are guided to high converting offers, the best affiliate networks, and access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues.

The core skills that are covered in the training are:

  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis
  • Research

The focus of the program is to teach students to do paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

The Good & the Bad Super Affiliate

The Good:

  • The training that is provided does cover the basics.
  • There are additional training sessions that discuss specific topics.
  • Students will have coaches that they need to check in with periodically and they will need passwords to unlock additional lessons after every third one.
  • Everything a new online marketer need is provided.
  • You can have an online business up and running in a very short time.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Bad:Super Affiliates

  • The biggest drawback of this system is the initial cost of $997
  • The Super Affiliate site can be a little overwhelming and can be discouraging for new students
  • The first few videos are simple and come across as low-budget. It looks like John set up a couple of cameras and writes on a whiteboard. This may be what he wanted, to show that anyone can do this anywhere without a big budget?
  • Don’t most scams show pictures of expensive sports cars, mansions, boats, lots of cash, and being surrounded by beautiful women?
  • Don’t scams also promise unrealistic earnings?

Who is Super Affiliate For? Super Affiliate

This is really designed for anyone looking to start an online business. From what I have seen, the lessons are designed to walk you through each step. Then the coaches are there to provide guidance, answer questions, and keep you on track by holding you accountable.

If you can afford the initial cost and have some advertising money, this may not be a bad system.

Super Affiliate Tools & Training

The students are provided with lessons and tools that they need to get online quickly. The dashboard appears confusing at first glance, but I would imagine how to navigate it would be covered in the first week.

Super Affiliate Price Super Affiliate rules

The initial price is $997. This gets you into the lessons and access to the members’ area. I did not sign up, so all I know is what have seen and read.

They do promote additional services such as web hosting for $3 a month. There is a sales funnel available, click funnels for $97 a month.

I have heard additional services are provided, just click on John’s affiliate links for info and pricing.

My Final Opinion of Super Affiliate

In my opinion, this could be a good program. The biggest obstacle is the starting price of $997. This will be difficult for someone just starting.

Super Affiliate at a Glance…

Website: Super Affiliate

Owners: John Cresanti

Price: $997 +

Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100


ConclusionSuper Affiliate Classes

Super Affiliate may be worth a try if you have the money to invest. For the rest of us, I would recommend reading my review on Wealthy Affiliate. The first lesson (10 courses) you can take for free by clicking here.

I would encourage you to join, even as a free member you can learn a lot. You can also create a free website using the siterubix platform. This can be converted later to your own .com site whenever you want. But as for learning, getting started, or testing out a new idea it’s a great tool.

Remember, we only get out what we put in. If we are willing to invest some time to learn and do what we need to, our online business will succeed. This comes in time. If you are looking for a quick-rich scheme, then good luck.

I want something that will be there for years, so I don’t have to work for someone else or find the next scheme. I simply want a real way to make consistent money online.

Thank you for reading and best of luck in your online endeavors,


Wealthy Affiliate

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4 thoughts on “Super Affiliate Review – Scam or no-scam?”

  1. Hello,
    It’s the first time that I hear about this program. I have heard about the Internet Jetset System instead and I am wandering why did John Crestani re-brand it. The price is to high. I already have a website business and my question is: could I go on with it and in the same time integrate it with this new program?

    • I have not personally tried Jetset, but from my understanding, there were a lot of changes made for the better that John decided to bring it out under the new name of Super Affiliate to avoid any confusion. Some of the changes made it easier to use the system, but as you have pointed out, the price is still high. 

      I prefer using Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to create my websites, host them, be part of an awesome community and so much more. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here. 

      Thanks for your comment,


  2. The pros and cons really let me consider whether this program would be a good option for me. Right now, I think the price is just too steep but I will have to take a look at Wealthy Affiliates as it is at a lower price point. Between the two, which is your favorite, regardless of the price?


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