Why Build A WordPress Site – What Is WordPress

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Why Build A WordPress Site –What Is WordPressWordPress

WordPress is highly popular and most simple way to make your own blog or website. It gives an opportunity to have your own website for free. It also empowers more than 32% of total websites on the internet. The large number of WordPress users shows just how incredible it is.

This is a free content management system and anyone can use or modify it according to their requirements for free. Without the need to have knowledge about specialized programming, you can manage your own website and add or remove the content and pictures on it. You do not need to be an IT expert to start using WordPress!

How Does WordPress Work?

In the beginning, wordpress was just a platform to make blogs more than making websites. But with the arrival of advanced technology, you can now build any website of your choice with WordPress and by simply following a few basic instructions. With the help of additional plugins or extensions, you can use it in many ways. For example, now you can even start your own business by making a website through WordPress. It has become very popular way to start an ecommerce store and you can see it as a successfully implemented business. Some types of websites you can create in WordPress:

  • Business Websites
  • Woocommerce or ecommerce stores
  • Portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Resumes
  • Social forums or networks
  • Membership platform
  • Anything that comes to your mind

walt disney uses wordpress


Why Should I Use WordPress?

1. Easy to use:

WordPress is very simple to set up, start, manage and update. You do not need to go into coding details or be an HTML expert to create your own website. WordPress takes care of these things automatically! You just need a computer and internet connection to start on it. It is perfect place when you have to start your own business and have a test run. After starting your business on basic WordPress, you can upgrade to more advanced themes like StudioPress or learn to use some of the more specific plugins.

2. Best for blogs and websites:

It is very good for both the website and blogging purposes. At first, it was a blogging platform only, but now it is the website platform that enables the user to activate any kind of website and enjoy the ownership without paying any amount. It is the automatic content management system and you can also buy subscription for automatic cleaning of your website and upgrading. If you just want to blog on wordpress, then it is one of the easiest tools to use.

3. Themes:

There are countless themes by professional designers, you can also customize your own theme. You can design your own web page with your own choice and you do not need to hire an expensive programmer when you can get them for free. But if you still want a highly professional theme from a professional source for your website, then you can get them too. There are several professional themes that you can purchase from including WOOthemes, StudioPres or theme forest. (I will cover some of the themes in future articles, starting with one of the most popular: StudioPress).

gamesrstyle 10 wordpress theme

4. Complex features:

The plugins and extensions on wordpress are in reach of everyone to add additional productivity to your website. WordPress is regularly updated and new features are introduced to make it the best option for you. Many programmers make these complex features by working so hard, but you can just trust WordPress for all your site’s needs. There are many good premium features available on a monthly subscription basis. Like plugins, first figure out what you need and then find what will fill that need.

5. Search engine:

This is a search engine friendly platform. It can resolve many of the SEO problems for you. With these plugins the site will be very search engine friendly.

6. Popular:

WordPress is a very popular platform. You are given opportunity to create your free web page and best themes and plugins to make the most of it. It provides you a platform to connect with others with similar interests. Everyone around the world is aware of the many advantages of using WordPress.

7. WordPress community:

This is a huge platform and has millions of users. Many active communities with people sharing the same beliefs, ideas, or interests have been formed. In these specific WordPress platforms, people can connect, exchange thoughts and support each other. You can join the community and make new friends, this also enables the business to reach their target audience effectively.

wordpress is mobile friendly

8. Mobile friendly:

Since the smart phones have become extremely common and everyone prefers to do their tasks via phones, so the wordpress is also ready to become available as mobile web. There are many people who still think that people are opening their wordpress on big screens, in fact that is not true. Now mostly people watch it on small screens. If your website is not designed to look good on smart screen then the person who opens your wordpress page will skip your page instantly. That’s why there are mobile themes for supporting small screen and make it easy for the user to use it. You can also manage your website from anywhere and anytime.

9. WordPress is mature:

It was introduced almost ten years ago! Since then, there are many new systems introduced. By following the latest trends, WordPress has been polished, tested and developed to make it more user-friendly and beneficial. Now it is a world-class publishing point where anyone can come and enjoy reading, shopping or writing.

10. It is an open source:

It is absolutely free from ad restriction or limitations. Unlike other websites, you can decide where it can run or operate. The software works under your command and you can host it in any place you like.


If you want complete control over your online business, then WordPress is your best option. Although wordpress settings can be a bit time-consuming at first, you can easily find help on YouTube or other sites.

You will have easy access to other people’s mind and thoughts. You can also share your experiences or ideas. It is very interesting platform and you must try it if you want to create a business from scratch.

One of the best places that I have found to learn how to create an online business is with Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my review of them and decide if they can help you too. You can also check out the latestest directly from WordPress.org.

Please leave any questions or comments below and thank you for reading.


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