What Is Gutenberg – What Is All The Recent Talk About

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What Is Gutenberg – What Is All The Recent Talk Aboutgutenberg editor

WordPress has been the best platform for many over the years, especially anyone who is just starting out. For some, a change in one component like the editor can cause a major upset.

If those who oppose the Gutenberg editor would give it a chance, they may see how powerful this tool can be.

Unfortunately, with change comes controversy. Some will gladly accept the new editor for its potential and others will hate it simply because its new or different from what they are used to.

Is Gutenberg Is The Best Choice To Make?

Many are confused as to if Gutenberg is the best choice or not. No doubt, this editor makes your tasks much easier, but according to some, there have not been any significant changes to it. In simple words, no proper updates are done. Some other editors that are as efficient as Gutenberg and can provide you with all the latest features.

Gutenberg is the editor that can be used to add the rich content to your WordPress website. This is only the beginning for Gutenberg, from what I have seen, there is a lot of room to grow this into something amazing. Look at what you can do now and think about where this can lead to.

gutenberg editing toolbar

What Are The Advantages Of Gutenberg?

Some advantages of Gutenberg include:

  • In this editor, you will get more screen space and will remove some distraction that you may face while using other editors.
  • Those who wish to have the best style experience of editing, no choice can be better than choosing the Gutenberg editor.
  • Gutenberg woks in blocks and will allow you to take advantage of additional block options. This will give you an advantage when using larger resolution screens.
  • This editor is user-friendly and can easily be used on their mobile devices to write the contents for your stunning websites.
  • Developers can also create their own blocks that they can customize according to their demand.
  • The templates will be full width and you will be amazed with how responsive your sites are.
  • Another amazing feature is that you can easily convert the word documents and the Google documents into the WordPress document.

These are some benefits you will get when you will use the Gutenberg editor. If we only focus on the benefits of Gutenberg editor, we can make the conclusion that the Gutenberg editor is the best choice.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Gutenberg?

Gutenberg, like any new tool is without its own flaws or shortcomings. Some disadvantages of Gutenberg are:

  • This editor is not an easy way to write the content as some editors are. When people don’t find it easy to use, they may lose interest and will not use the editor again after that experience.
  • This editor doesn’t currently support Markdown.
  • Some other many plugins that are not compatible with this editor. This is a major drawback that you could face. For the developers, this issue is very complicated since some tasks need the integration and when these integrations are not compatible, developers will always prefer to find the alternative and find the editor where they will not have these issues.
  • This editor doesn’t support Meta boxes. This support is necessary because some beginners may find it easier to use when they are creating their first site.

Once you use the Gutenberg editor, it will not be possible to switch back to the old one without a plugin. You can’t even turn it off! When you use this editor, either you find it convenient or not. When you will use it, it will work as an official editor for WordPress. To use the older one, you should use the plugin named as classic editor. This is the only way that you can use to restore the old settings and use the old one.

gutenberg blocks

Why Many People Have Concerns About This And Will Not Use It?

Gutenberg editor is a bad choice

Many people think that choosing Gutenberg editor is a bad choice. Let us explain why. It is said that Gutenberg editor is made to make WordPress easy but in reality, it is that Gutenberg is not meeting their requirements and ironically is destroying their WordPress experience.

Some other few positive reviews

If we talk about the reviews, there are few positive reviews about the Gutenberg editor. Some other only a few people who like to use it and consider it beneficial while others are the haters and will never recommend to other people or to their clients due to their dissatisfied experience. Some other only 23% of people who are in favor of using this editor. Except these, others have negative perceptions about this editor.

This editor is not user-friendly

Some users find it difficult to use and always prefer the classic editor since it is easier for them to use.

These all are some reasons why users don’t prefer to use this editor to write the content of their website. They prefer WordPress classic editor as the default over Gutenberg.

Conclusionstudiopress wordpress themes

Like anything that is new, it will take time for Gutenberg to be accepted. Since it was rolled out with WordPress 5.0, some have taken immediate offense. Let’s face it, for the most part human beings hate change. We get used to things one way and here comes someone trying to improve something.

Sometimes new things work and sometimes they don’t. Unless you are willing to give it an honest chance, how will you know if it will work for you? If StudioPress is making their themes compatible with Gutenberg, then how bad can it be?

I will admit, it is different from what I am used to, but when you start getting into Gutenberg, it’s not as bad as some are saying. For now, I am going to use it and see what happens.

Please post your comments or questions below. Let me know what your thoughts on Gutenberg is, good or bad.

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