What Is The 247 Wealth Club – Can I Make 13K A Week

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What Is The 247 Wealth Club – Can I Make 13K A Week247 wealth club

Have you heard about a new Clickbank product called The 24-7 Wealth Club? Even if you haven’t or only watched part of the video, you want to read my quick review on this one.

Many of us are looking to make money online and replace our “Day Jobs”, but is The 247 Wealth Club a system you should try? My review will help you decided if you should try it or simply avoid this one.

Name: 24-7 Wealth Club

Website: 247wealthclub.com

Price: $37

Guarantee: 60-Day money back guarantee

Creator: Richard

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.

247 wealth club video

Introduction To 24-7 Wealth Club

The 247 Wealth Club was available through Clickbank April 2019. Since this is a newer product, you may or may not have heard anything about it. Let’s take a look at it.

The first contact that you may have to the 24-7 Wealth Club is the sales video. Like so many other videos, this one will let you know how much you can earn from their exclusive offer. Don’t let the hype and all the sales tactics they use scare you away.

This was created and presented by Richard and he will let you know how this system can improve your life in a big way. You don’t need any experience and it doesn’t matter your current situation. He goes on to let you know how special you are that someone shared this video with you and how this could possibly change your life. But didn’t he say not to share the video with anyone?

Keep watching the video, Richard, of course will go into his rags-to-riches story and explain why he wants to help others succeed.

How Does 24-7 Wealth Club Work

The main purpose of The 247 Club is Affiliate Marketing. The system will focus on promoting and selling Clickbank products. It does a good job of this using videos to teach you what you need to know in order to start selling Clickbank products online.

The course will also teach you about selling with Amazon and how to generate traffic. As you read the PDF’s, you will learn how to use social media to create traffic that will help you promote products.

If you watch the video, you may notice a couple of slip up as Richard reads the script and the screen will display a different number or other info.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start earning money online. The concept is simple, promote products and get paid when they sell. There are many ways to promote products and share them with others, how is really up to you. I find it easy to share products that I am interested in on my sites and through social media.

247 wealth club done for you system

How Much Is 247 Wealth Club And Are There Upsells

Main Product: 24/7 Wealth Club. Price $37

Upsell 1: 24/7 Wealth Club 2.0. Price $197

Upsell 2: 24/7 Wealth Club Pro. Price $177

Upsell 3: 24/7 Wealth Club Social. Price $97

The video doesn’t go into detail what the upsells are or how they can help you, but most of these types of courses offer additional training or features designed to help you earn more money quicker.

What I Like About 247 Wealth Club

  • Only $37 for the basic system
  • Sold through Clickbank with a 60-day guarantee
  • No Fake Paid Actors like many of these products use
  • No Fake Income Proof

What I Do Not Like About 247 Wealth Club

  • The usual hyped up sales video with way too many sales tactics
  • Potential of Large income with no proof
  • Appears to be very similar to other products only with minor changes like the name and some materials
  • The creator could not even give Richard a last name

Is 24-7 Wealth Club A Scam Or Legittoo good to be true trap

24-7 Wealth Club is a LEGIT system that will teach you about online marketing. This could be enough to get you started, but don’t just stop here. This is a good tool, but you will need to learn more than what is covered here.

When you are conducting business online, the more you learn, the more you can earn.

Yes, you can make money online and affiliate marketing can be a fun way to do it. This is not as easy as many of these courses or systems make it out to be. it will take some work, but if you enjoy doing something, is it really work?


If you are looking to get starting in affiliate marketing, this is not a bad course, especially for . I did not purchase the upgrades, so I cannot honestly comment on them. The way I look at a lot of these courses is can I learn something from them? If I can, $37 is not a lot to spend, but if the materials are poorly put together or bad quality, then I immediately get a refund.

You can watch the 247 Video to learn more about this opportunity. 

You should be able to learn enough here to make it worth the $37, if you don’t feel that the course is worth it, then go back to Clickbank directly and get a refund.

To learn to create your own website and start your own online business, see my where I started learning for FREE. This is my most recommended opportunity.

Please leave your comments or questions below and thank you for reading,



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