Review: What Is SaleHoo All About? – Legit or Scam

Review: What Is SaleHoo All About? – Legit or Scamsalehoo

If you are looking to sell products online through your own website, other sites, eBay, Shopify, or anywhere else, the biggest problem that you most people have is finding reliable sources of products to sell. SaleHoo helps to bring suppliers together with anyone looking to sell online.

I sold on eBay a few years ago, but my biggest obstacle was finding products low enough to resell and make a profit. When you add eBay and PayPal fees up, it can be difficult to make much on an item. Another challenge for me was to find steady sources of products, SaleHoo can also be used to overcome this problem as well.

We will take a look at what SaleHoo is all about and some features, then you can decide if you can benefit from something like this. Continue reading “Review: What Is SaleHoo All About? – Legit or Scam”

Tired Of The Work Life Yet? – I know I Am!

Tired Of The Work Life Yet? – I know I am!lousy job

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of working for companies that claim they take care of their employees and don’t! They can keep the so-called 9 to 5 job for themselves, but I wanted something better for myself and my family. Working for someone else wasn’t going to give me what I wanted.

Let’s take a look at a typical workday. We will discuss the commute to work, the job, the pay, and don’t forget the politics. Continue reading “Tired Of The Work Life Yet? – I know I Am!”

Who is Jim

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Who is Jim

After finishing High School, like a lot of kids without a plan, I enlisted into the army. Which was not a bad decision since I spent a couple of years in Germany. The army did teach me the value of teamwork, along with some other things.

I have always had this drive to do something, but couldn’t figure it out. There were times when I came close. I bought things and sold them at flea markets or on eBay. But this required a lot of inventory and it took time to find things at a good price that I could sell and make some money on.

I started investing in real estate, bought and sold a couple of places. Made a little, but it was hard work, especially since I did a lot of the work myself trying to cut costs. Not really the best way to do things. It works great for some people, but I wanted to be too hands on.

I have tried my hand at several jobs, but the problem is, they really never paid me enough. My most recent job was in the oil and gas industry. The pay and benefits were good, but the schedule is terrible. It is a 12-hour swing shift. Work a few days from 6 am to 6 pm, then take a couple off, work a few nights 6 pm to 6 am, couple off, then repeat over and over and over again.


I got tired of working for others that never really appreciated the value of people. Some employers were better than others, but I never felt too secure in my job. Three times I was involved with companies that went through some major downsizing. One company I was there a little over two years and they let 25% of the company go in one day without any notice. How’s that for gratitude!

It’s hard enough to find a good paying job, let alone keep it. The way business was done in the past is not the way it will be done in the future. Yes there will still be manufacturing jobs and needs for qualified tradesmen like electrician, mechanics, and so on. But the economy has changed and I want to help others change with it.

I enjoy helping others, but a lot of times that didn’t pay. The nice thing with the Internet is that it does pay. If I help you achieve what you want out of life, this will help me achieve what I want.

Purpose of How to Ditch the Job

I will provide information, resources, and opportunities for you to get out of the daily grind that we call a job. If you want to get paid for what you’re really worth, you need to start developing a real source of income. That’s what I am doing. The main focus of How to Ditch the Job is internet marketing, whether you use affiliate programs, sell your own product, or have a business and looking to increase your income.

Online is a great way to earn while you learn. I enjoy creating something and watching it grow.

I look forward to helping you finally find joy and happiness in life.

All the best,