How To Choose The Best Affiliate Programs

I’m often approached with questions regarding affiliate marketing. What is it? Why should anyone be interested? Well, in simple terms, affiliate marketing is where I promote products or services and earn a commission when those efforts lead to sales. It’s a pivotal element of the digital marketing landscape, opening a spectrum of opportunities for individuals … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing

I remember when I first stumbled upon affiliate marketing, it seemed like a promising way to monetize the content that I put so much effort into creating. But what is affiliate marketing, and how has it evolved into the powerhouse that it is today? At its core, affiliate marketing is a performance-based system where a … Read more

Affiliate Marketing What Is It And How To Start

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start monetizing your website or blog. At its most basic, it’s simply referring customers to another company and earning money for each successful referral (aka an “affiliate commission”). It’s a win-win situation: the customer gets a good deal and you get paid! Affiliates don’t have to worry about … Read more

How Are Rich Media Ads Different From Other Ad Formats?

When it comes to the world of advertising, there are many different strategies, tactics and methods that you could employ if you are looking to entice a specific audience.  However, if you’re doing some research into different types of media advertising, you will likely come across the term “rich media”, and as a result, you … Read more