7 Must Read Books By Women Entrepreneurs

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7 Must Read Books By Women Entrepreneurs

Thinking about the hard work and challenges of starting something new by yourself, most of the men and women don’t even begin. However, I am not saying that everyone succeeds but how would one know without even starting?

All of you out there who have already started the journey or are hesitant to decide should read 7 bestseller books on Amazon by some of the most popular women entrepreneurs.

Knowing their struggles and facing the challenges will give you a head start. Also, it will help you do better time management, keep the grip during tough times, and take decisions as a leader.

Must Read Books by Women Entrepreneurs: My 7 Favorites

Here, I have tried to give you a quick overview of the books that would make you interested. Whether you want hard copies or audiobooks, you can find the links below.

1. What I Know for Sure – Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey What I Know For Sure

Among all women entrepreneurs, history will remember Oprah Winfrey like a shining star in the sky. “What I Know for Sure” by Oprah Winfrey is a guide for chasing excellence, practicing gratitude, and leveraging bad experiences in real life.

The author experienced lots of hardship in her early life. Nonetheless, she turned all those tough times and rough experiences into the stepping stones for her future success.

It is remarkable how an abused child and ill-health women didn’t lose the focus or gave up. After years of hard work and fighting against the tides, Oprah has managed to host one of the most influential TV shows in American history.

That is not all. Launching her own television network, getting an honorary degree from Harvard, awarded with Presidential Medal of Freedom, and being the first African-American billionaire is also on the list of her achievements.

Takeaway: This book’s lessons encourage people to learn from their bad experiences and be in charge of their own happiness. Also, Oprah suggests we take the motivation and inspiration from great peoples’ books like her.

Moreover, you would know how practicing gratitude can bring more grateful things to life. Those who are bored and don’t know the outcome of committing to something should read this book. After completing the book, you won’t ever be complaining about life.

2. Lean In – Sheryl SandbergLean In Sheryl Sandberg

The book’s full name is Lean In Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. The book shows the bitter side of gender inequality. At the same time, it shows how women hold themselves back and can take control of their lives.

Our civilization has come a long way. Yet, women in the workforce are still underrepresented and mistreated. Lean In is the book that shows how you, as a woman, can lead and hold yourself in work high.

 “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” – An inspiring quote2
from Sheryl Sandberg

The teachings of the book would let one realize that ensuring everything 50-50 is not going to bring gender equality. However, some completely unfair treatments to women in a male-dominated society must be taken into account. The book will help you get an idea about what lies ahead and be prepared for it.

Takeaway: Building a glorious career and rising to the top of the industry is not as simple as following a user manual. You should not stress too much about the route you are taking as it can be different from others.

Those are some wonderful teachings by Sheryl. There are more, and you can know all about them after getting a hard copy or a version of the audiobook.

– Sophia AmorusoSophia Amoruso Girl Boss

Do you think that someone leading an unusual life can’t be the best of anything? Well, think twice because Sophia Amoruso’s experience tells us something else.

Even after switching jobs too frequently, Sophia has built a multi-million dollar empire before reaching 30. In the book $Girlboss, she has 3 important lessons for us.

The first one is very interesting. We don’t see any benefit from the opportunities that are not related to our chosen path. Yet, those odd experiences can enhance your skills, and let you know yourself better.

Secondly, don’t back off thinking what others might think about you. After starting your business, work hard to know the ins and outs of it and stay focused no matter what.

Thirdly, you need to build a community where like-minded people can gather and help you flourish your company.

Takeaway: The lesson from this book is that lots of money while starting a business is not the secret recipe for success. Even an unconventional person can kill it by finding his/her passion and placing themselves at a place where they can flourish. For more inspirational and practical words from an experienced person, you need to read the book.


4. The Glitter Plan – Pamela Skaist Levy and Gela Nash TaylorThe Glitter Plan

Among women entrepreneurs, Pamela Skaist Levy and Gela Nash Taylor are the two well-known besties. They are the founders of the world-famous Juicy Couture that changed the theme of casual clothing.

The humble beginning of the multi-million dollar company started in a one-bedroom Hollywood apartment. The book will tell you the secrets of Juicy Couture from the ground up.

Even after creating a huge brand, the duo thought that it had become something else. That is why they sold it and started “Pam and Gela” to follow their passion. According to Success Magazine1, the book is part memoir and part business manual which is inspiring, enlightening, and plain fun to read.

Takeaway: Like the #Girlboss, The Glitter Plan also tells us how one can transform passion and ideas into a successful business empire. Indeed, being true to one’s self and follow one passion no matter what is a big deal.

I love the fashion designers’ book because it helps to accept reality and be successful with it. If you think that your capabilities are limited, this book will help you fight against such devastating thoughts.

5. Radical Candor – Kim ScottKim Scott Radical Candor

For effective management, Kim Scott is known in the tech industry. From this book, you would know that challenge without caring is obnoxious aggression, and care without challenging is ruinous empathy.

The guide would help you from the beginning till the end and let you handle a team. Reading the book is so much fun that you can’t stop before reading the last page. In short, it has one theme and it is how to be a good boss.

Takeaway: Being a business owner is not everything. You have to be a good boss and a better coworker. Radical Candor is a book that is packed with eye-opening truths, insights, and suggestions.

The author has experience working at Apple, Google, and several start-ups. The biggest lesson of this book is to be someone who cares and challenges at the same time. Indeed, her wisdom will help you a lot in the journey if you read the whole book.

6. Shark Tales – Barbara CorcoranBarbara Corcoran Shark Tales

Can you think straight after failing at 22 jobs? Well, Barbara could, and you can know all about it in her book Shark Tales. From starting a small real estate office in New York with borrowed money to being a billionaire, it is an astonishing story indeed.

Although the book shares Barbara’s experience in the real estate market, you can apply her techniques and business models to other industries. She is proof that you can grow a business without too much-complicated thinking or strategy.

Takeaway: The most amazing thing about this book is that it tells you the frankest, down-to-earth, and heartwarming story of a very successful woman entrepreneur. After reading it, you are bound to think that anyone can do it if she can.


7. The Moment of Lift – Melinda GatesMelinda Gates The Moment of Lift

Melinda Gates among the 7 women entrepreneurs on the list is well-known for her philanthropic works like Oprah.

She has worked in many countries all over the world. In her book, there are inspiring stories of the people she met through her work.

To get the strength in difficult times, those stories can help you a lot. It shows why you can’t lift a society without empowering women.

Takeaway: The biggest and greatest takeaway of her book is that we all should lift women and girls everywhere in the world and it benefits us in every way possible.

For the sake of such a claim, she used her on-the-ground experiences gathered through her life’s work. As an entrepreneur yourself, the book would make you realize how helping other women through your work can help all of us.

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Final Words

The path of entrepreneurs is not easy and we all know it without prior experience. But the examples in front of us motivate us every day to be independent and an inspiration to the others in our community.

That is why I am running a blog describing potential online income opportunities. Those who want to start immediately with whatever devices and resources they have can get benefitted from my articles.

Now, what do you think of my recommended books by women entrepreneurs? I hope that those wise words from successful businesswomen would inspire you. Happy reading!

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