What Is Profit Injector – Will It Work For Me

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What Is Profit Injector – Will It Work For MeProfit Injector

As I continue to look for ways to expand my online business, I like to check out new opportunities to see what I can learn from them. The program that I will review today is Profit Injector.

Profit Injector, like many programs makes some pretty big claims. Let’s take a look and see if they can live up to them or if it’s worth a shot.

I will simply provide you with what I have learned and then you can make you own decision whether to try Profit Injector or not.

Name: Profit Injector

Website: Profitinjector.com

Price: $47.00

Guarantee: 60-Day money back guarantee

Creator: Jamie Lewis

I have included some of my affiliate
links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.

Intro To Profit Injector

Profit Injector is a new system that was created by Jamie Lewis and released in January 2019. So, this is a brand-new system and fresh on the market. At the time of my review, it is still in its initial launch.

Jamie doe has a proven history of launching successful programs. He can be a bit odd, but maybe that is why he is good at what he does.

profit injector sales video

The Sales Video

Let me warn you up front, the video reminds me of a cheesy used car salesman desperate to make a sale. Parts of it may remind you of a scene from a bad 70’s movie. But this is my opinion. The video is a little over 24 minutes long.

The first thing that you see when the sales video starts is a gentleman with his cash counting machine and $100 bills all over the table. If I had to guess, I would say a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth. Before he even opens his mouth, this is already screaming SCAM at me, but I won’t discount it just yet. It’s early, so let’s continue watching the video.

The gentleman, Jamie tells me how special I am since this is by invitation only and being invited to watch the video is like winning the lottery. The video flips to a large house and with a pool. Guess who is in the pool floating on $100 bill rafts….yep, Jaime.

Quickly flashes merchant accounts and how much he has made, women in a bubble bath, and so on. It may be difficult to watch this video to the end, It’s almost comical. Jaime starts explaining how much he has made. $16,000+ one month and in his first year over $151,000, then during his second year $182,000+.

What Is Profit Injector

Jaime tells us that his system works on a concept he calls Video Arbitrage. What does this mean? First you have to qualify to promote his videos?

He claims that he has found a way to connect Facebook and YouTube into a very profitable business. Jamie then tells us that his idea involves using others’ videos and monetizes them.

How Does Profit Injector Work

Jaime describes how you can monetize other people’s YouTube videos by adding your affiliate links to them.

Profit Injector in a nutshell:jamie lewis

  • Sign up
  • Watch the short tutorial of how the system works
  • Use the software to find videos with lots of views that are not being monetized
  • Contact the person that uploaded the video
  • Promote products using your affiliate links

Sounds like a lot of work? Not really. Jamie and Matt have several training videos that will walk you through the entire process.

What Can You Do With Profit Injector

  • You can make money with YouTube WITHOUT having to produce videos or paying thousands of dollars into advertising, video production or traffic!
  • Sometimes you can advertise on YouTube FOR FREE! We’ll help you find YouTube channels in your niche that are profitable and are UP FOR GRABS for FREE!
  • You’ll be able to mine untapped traffic goldmines and get your link in the description boxes of successful, famous videos in 5 minutes, without having to search for 6 weeks and tons of research. Everything is 100% Automated. All YOU have to do is Inject Profits!
  • Find the highest converting niches and seek out the best trending videos on YouTube that have the most potential of being VERY VERY profitable!

Profit Injector Upgrades

Profit Injector is $47.00

The first upgrade is the training class for life – $197.00

  • This is a one-on-one training with Jamie up to twice a week
  • You will be able to ask Jaime questions directly
  • Get real world advice on what to do and what not to do

The second upgrade is the training classes for 6 months – $97.00

  • Same as above, but only for 6 months

The third upgrade is Profit Injector Business in a box – $297.00

  • Jamie’s most successful AdWords for every niche. This campaign is a plug and play system that will get you started immediately
  • You will receive over 80 of his best converting and most profitable ready to go sites. Just add your affiliate links and your done.
  • The Biz in A Box will allow you to jump start your own YouTube marketing business.

Is Profit Injector A Scam Or Legit

This is a Legit way to make money online. If I was not writing a review on this system, I would have stopped the sales video after about 10 seconds do to it looking so much like a scam.

The software training is very helpful and will guide you through the entire process.

What I like About Profit Injector

  • Jamie is a real person who does have a proven track record
  • The basic system is priced right at $47
  • 60-day money back guarantee through Clickbank
  • No fake paid testimonials like some products use

What I Don’t Likevideo arbitrage

  • The cheesy sales vide – but if it works for him, who I am to say, I just don’t like the video
  • All the cash, earnings, etc.. that is’s shown in the video are typically signs of a scam
  • The sales tactics: limited space available, only available for a limited amount of time, if you qualify, this may not be for you, etc…
  • It will not be as easy to find videos that are not already have affiliate links on it, chances are, if they have a lot of views, they already have their own links on them


This is an interesting approach to earn money online and could work. For the price of $47, it is worth a try. Once you purchase the system, I would recommend watching all the training videos first to have an understanding of the entire process. You can go back and watch them again as you are going through each step of the process.

I would recommend getting the Profit Injector, but not watching the video, unless you want to see what not to put into a video. I personally only found about 30 seconds of the sales video worth watching, except later on. If you can get through the several minutes of hype, the later part is worth watching.

I do believe that the system does have potential and is worth a try. Whether you go beyond the initial $47 investment is up to you. At this point I can not say for certain that they are a one time offer or if you can upgrade later.

Please leave your comments or questions below, especially if you have tried Profit Injector and thank you for reading,


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