What Is BulletProof Profits – Can I Make Money

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What Is BulletProof Profits – Can I Make Moneybulletproof profits system by justin tyler

Being able to work from home, on your own terms, is a dream come true for many people. Many of us search for ways to do this and there are many ways that we can achieve our dreams.

Will BulletProof Profits be able to help you achieve your dream or is this just another hyped up program designed to make the creator money and no one else? We will look at what BulletProof Profits is, discuss what I like about it and what I do not like, then you can decide whether this is something that you would like to try.

Name: BulletProof Profits

Website: yourbulletporoofprofits.com

Price: $9 ++

Guarantee: 60-Day money back guarantee

Creator: Justin Tyler

Intro To BulletProof Profits

I am always leery about videos that start out talking about exclusive gifts, how lucky you are to be watching the video and flashing cash. To me, these are signs of a scam, but not always.

How do we tap into the “secret online goldmine” that they talk about? Can I make up to $2,000 a day using this system? If this is a $685 Billion industry, why are you worried about limiting the number of people that know about this?

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.


I don’t blame new systems that use paid actors to read fictional testimonials since they haven’t tested their product and have any real ones to use. Let’s take a quick look at the testimonials.

bulletproof profits

  1. She worked as a waitress and in her first week made $10,432.55. This is incredible how someone with no previous experience can make that. Don’t get me wrong, this may be possible, but I have never seen it before.testimonial for bulletproof profits
  2. She has been spending hours and hours filling out online surveys, but when Justin shared this “weird” way to make money online, she made over $50,000 in 30 days. Another incredible story.testimonial bullet proof profits
  3. This guy has tried making money online and has purchased various courses, but nothing seemed to work until he met Justin. On his first day, he made $3,095.20 and in 3 months has made over $100,000. Truly Amazing!

There are more testimonials further into the video with similar stories. I have seen a couple of these paid actors in other sales videos or you may be able to find them on Fiverr. The only thing that concerns me here with paid actors is that Justin has been perfecting the system for two years and he has not shared it with enough people to get real testimonials?

What Is BulletProof Profits For

Anyone who wants to make money online or escape the rat-race of working for someone else. Afterall, even if you are loyal to the company that you work for, are they loyal to you? Could this change?

The only real way to be financially secure is to create your own income.

Justin explains how after dedicating 15 years of his life to his employer, they shut his disarmament down and outsourced the work overseas. This is a common story and I have seen it done at two companies I have worked at. This shows that even if your boss cares about you, the owner of the company or stockholders only care about their profits.

Justin explains how this “legal loophole” can allow you to take advantage of the multi-billion online goldmine.

How Does BulletProof Profits Workmake $2142 with bulletproof profits

The system Justin shares is working with Amazon. There are over 20 videos that teach you how to sell on Amazon. The videos will help you learn how to get started selling on Amazon, whether with your own products or someone else’s.

There are additional resources in the course that cover a variety of topics that will help you with your online business. These are not just for Amazon, but can be used in other online ventures as well.


  1. Bullet Profit Turbo $197 – shows you how to make 10 times the money by knowing the loopholes in Amazon and using free traffic on autopilot, a “done for you system”.
  2. Bullet Proof PayDays $145 – helps you make 10 times the profits

What I Like About BulletProof Profits

  • Once the system is set up, it allows you to make money 24/7
  • 60-day guarantee through Clickbank
  • Only $9

What I Do Not Like About BulletProof Profits

  • The typical hyped-up sales video: how much you can make with no effort, unrealistic income claims
  • The heart-breaking story of his wife diagnosed with cancer and he just lost his job, now his friend Alex comes to the rescue with a system to help him make money
  • Selling on Amazon can be time consuming – need to source products, keep track of the sales & shipping, watch pricing since others can cut prices and undersell you.

Is BulletProof Profits A Scam Or Legit

BulletProof Profit system is a legit way to make money online. Even though Justin has been tweaking the system and the testimonials appear to be paid actors, the system is legit. I always have concerns about the rags to riches story that take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride while you watch the sales video. This one is no different.

You can watch the sales video and see what I mean.

watch bulletproof profits video


Even with the hyped-up sales video and paid testimonials, the videos do cover the basics and will give you a few things to think about, so I feel they are worth the $9. Even if you only learn one new thing from it. Whether you decide to take the upgrades or not will be up to you.

To learn to create your own website and start your own online business, see where I started learning for FREE. This is my most recommended opportunity.

Please leave your comments or questions below and thank you for reading.


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