Tony Robbins Money Masters – 12 Amazing Interviews

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Tony Robbins Money Masters – 12 Amazing InterviewsAnthony Robbins Money Master

Tony Robbins 12 interviews of people who have truly mastered their area of business. They started from simple beginnings and have achieved great success in their areas. This has been and is a very inspiring set of CDs and videos.

I will give a brief overview of each of the 12. We will discuss some of their accomplishments and what they are best known for.

Why Did I Purchase Money Masters?

Before I go into the interviews, I thought you would like to know a little more about me and why I purchased this set.

If you have read any of my other articles, you may have realized what a fan of Tony Robbins I am. I have purchased well over a dozen of his books, audiobooks, CDs, and study courses. He has a special way of making me get inside of myself and do what I need to do. It’s not simple motivation, but getting me to really think and take action.

I purchased Money Masters after doing some research. It was shortly after completing Tony’s Ultimate Edge course. I knew I wanted more out of life than working a job that I really didn’t care to. The job paid the bills, so it served its purpose.

The first time I looked at Money Masters, I did not purchase it. I continued to look around for something, but then I decided I would get it. How bad could it be, after all It’s Tony Robbins. Let’s see.

The 12 Money Mastersmoney masters

I am going to list the 12 interviews in order that they are in the set. There is no wrong way to listen to them. The first time I listened was in this order, but then when I started listening or watching them a second and third time, I focused on ones that pertained more to where my thoughts were going.

  1. Frank Kern – The Web’s Best

“How a surfer and family man started with nothing and learned to generate $23.8 million in 24 hours.”

Frank has a unique way of teaching us how to earn money without sacrificing our freedom to live how we want. He is a surfer at heart and shows us how being honest with our customers can create a large following of future customers. He has a simple philosophy to find out what the customers want and give it to them. A true online marketing genius!

2. Eben Pagan – The New Wealth

“How I turned corporate structure upside down and made millions in the process.”

Eben’s focus in life is to learn to understand people, psychology, behavior, marketing, and business. This is where I first learned about and started to understand the power o affiliate marketing. He discusses trial and error, how we can learn from mistakes, and how to define what success means to you. He is big on free addons to increase the value for your customers.

3.  John Reese – Ultimate Cash Turnaround

“How I went from $107,910 in credit card debt to making one million dollars in a single day online.”

John is the million-dollar man, the first person to earn $1 Million online in a single day. He discusses in order to change your reality, you must face it and the art of selling or making people take action.

Both concepts are simple and easy to apply once you learn them. He also will discuss the importance of keywords and how to use them to your advantage.

4.  Dean Jackson – The Lifestyle King

“How I developed passive revenue and created a life on my terms.”

Dean will discuss how he measures success, the freedom matrix, marketing misconceptions, and momentum markets.

His simple approach of earning money passively and how to get that to exceed your lifestyle needs. This made me think about how great life would be if I had enough passive income coming in every month to cover my mortgage, car, utilities, and other expenses. If I didn’t have to worry about the bills, what could I really do with my life?

5.  Jeff Walker – The Ultimate product Launch Formulamoney masters anthony robbins

“How I made a million dollars in 24 hours.”

Once John Reese broke the million dollars in 24 hours threshold, others like Jeff saw it was possible and also did it.

Jeff talks about how success leaves clues and the importance of modeling, keys to marketing, low-hanging fruit, the product launch formula, and the sideways letter. This is one guy worth listening to and you can learn a lot!

6.  Russell Brunson – Passion Into Profits

“How I turned a little idea into a $10 Million a year business.”

Russell has a different approach than most people as he discusses the contractor mentality. You don’t need to know everything, just need to know who or where to get things done. He is becoming one of my more focused subjects and will be the topic of the first of the 12 individual articles.

His interview includes tips on the power of Free, choosing the right opportunity, adding value, and making money while you sleep.

7.  Mike Koenigs – Main Street Marketing Machinesanthony robbins money masters

“How I learned to use video to turn ideas into massive traffic…and cash.”

Mike has a more hands-off approach to online marketing. He discusses how to use psychology and not technology and the power of outsourcing. His “Do Nothing Marketing” approach works well for him.

Depending on what you are trying to do, if you have the money to invest, outsourcing parts of your online business can be the way to go. On one of my sites, I personally outsource some articles as I have discussed in my Fiverr review. This helps to free up time that I can use elsewhere.

8.  Marie Forleo – The Rich, Happy Entrepreneur

“How a Jersey girl defied conventional wisdom and used hustle, humor, and passion to create an extraordinary business and life.”

Marie is an amazing woman and marketer. Her topics include: The Spiritual Gangsta Formula, Live rich, happy and hot, inconvenient truths, and be a pro.

One of the most important topics discussed in the interview was the secret to finding your passion and how it was not what I thought. Being passionate about your business can be the difference between success and failure.

9.  John Carlton – Confessions of a Marketing Rebel

“How a clueless slacker became a notorious marketing wizard with some hooks, killer storytelling, and old-school influence secrets.”

John is probably the most ripped-off copywriter. Many of the long ads or phrases used today originated from John’s ideas.

He discusses the simple writing system, your unique selling position, develops your voice, and the simple basics of a great sale message. As you listen to this interview, you will quickly understand why he was included in the 12.

10. Chet Holmes – Business Breakthroughs

“Four Proven methods to double your sales in 12 months flat.”

Chet discusses his proven methods and how they can be used by anyone in any industry. He talks about education-based marketing, the best buyer strategy, systematization.

This is great if you have your own business with traditional salespeople, but can also be tweaked for an online environment.

11. Bredon Burchard – how I Earned $2 Million Per year in Sponsorshipstony robbins money masters

“The 4 core secrets to power partnerships.”

Brendon has a different way of looking at building a business as you will see when he compares building your business is like building a train. It’s an interesting and simple approach to leveraging the power of partnerships.

He includes a step-by-step process to get started and how to get the partners that will best suit your needs.

12. Chris Brogan – Trust, Leverage, Community, and Wealth

“3 keys to building a mind-blowing relationship with your clients.”

Chris uses the abundance mentality when building his relationships on the web. He will discuss 5 steps to writing a winning communication, the human approach, and some basics in growing your audience.

Tony Robbins Money Masters

The Money Masters Program

The program includes:

  • 12 DVD Interviews
  • 19 CDs
  • 12 Action Books containing summaries of each interview and a unique article (downloadable)

What You Will Learn

  • Take actionable steps to start or expand your business
  • Enrich your relationship with current customers
  • Define what success means to you and how you can achieve it
  • Experience the lifestyle you desire

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is so much to be learned from these interviews. If you are able to, sit down and watch one video a day. Make sure you take notes. When I listened to a CD driving to work, I was not able to take notes and I know I had ideas that were lost. Print the Action Books out and make your notes in them. I have mine in binders.

Although the interviews maybe a few years old, the concepts and what you learn still apply today. I will cover this more in-depth in the individual articles.

For more information, current pricing, or to purchase The Money Masters, click here.

Please leave any comments or questions below and thank you for reading,


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