How To Sell Clothing On Amazon

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Clothing is a fairly competitive and saturated market, but at the same time, these are item necessities that will always need to be purchased.

So providing that you follow the correct procedures and tactics you can make a really successful and thriving business. 

But Amazon is a really large online retailer, and you’ve got competition to beat.

So apart from having unique clothing of good quality, there are a few other things that you’ll need to do to stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re getting that much-needed traffic. 

If you’re at a loss as to how to do so, never fear, that’s what I’m here for. In this article, I’ll provide the 5 best tips and tricks to start a prosperous clothing business on Amazon. 

1. Group Your Products By Either Style Or Model 

It’s super vital that when you are listing and selling clothing items on Amazon you do so by the style or model as opposed to the clothing size.

If you’re selling an item in multiple sizes it is much more effective to promote these together by style for advertising and campaign purposes as segmenting by size is way too granular for the majority of retailers. 

With that being said, it would also be a mistake to incorporate every item you sell into a singular ad too. In this scenario, Amazon will have control over which products will be advertised. 

Ideally, you want to pick one or two options of your best-sellers and promote these to maximize your revenue. Once you have traffic, the buyer can then browse through other items that you sell in your store. 

2. Include All Sizes In Your Product Listings

When organizing your listings you want all your sizes to be in one listing, this makes it easier and more accessible for your buyers. If each size is listed separately, there’s a good chance that you’ll lose a sale. 

Customers want a process that is as easy and seamless as possible.

If they click on a product they like the look of and it’s not in their size, they are much more likely to click back and keep scrolling than they are to actually actively start looking for that listing in their size.

And there will be plenty of competitors that have their products compiled together – and they’re likely to nab your sale. 

The ultimate setup will have the style of clothing with options for both size and color as well as any other varieties or options you may be offering. 

3. Use Relevant High-Volume Keywords

When listing your products on Amazon it’s really important that you use relevant high-volume keywords to bump you up in the results.

You don’t want to be on page 9 or 10 when it comes to searches because realistically, nobody really clicks that far. 

If you’re unsure where to start, taking a quick look at your competitors’ listings is always a good bet. Pay mind to the titles, descriptions, and bullet points that are used. These are all important. 

And don’t just do this once and then leave it to become irrelevant. I would always opt to refresh your keywords at least once every couple of months. You’ll be surprised at just how much this can increase traffic to your listings. 

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4. Images

While the way in which you list your items is important, there’s nothing quite as important as the images that you choose.

First impressions can be tough, and it only takes a few seconds to either engage or disinterest an online customer. And visuals are everything.

It’s not like the customer can try on the clothing item – so it needs to look good. 

Your images are how the customer will determine the quality of the product as well as the credibility of the seller/store. There is no such thing as too many images when it comes to Amazon. 

5. Set Up Your Store

If you’ve decided to register your brand on Amazon, then it is absolutely essential that your store is set up professionally and elegantly.

A decent store set-up will build a level of trust with your customers and it will drive up your revenue and store traffic. 

It’s also a really handy tool for showcasing important information about your brand. Again, use tons of images and videos.

Give it a more personal feel and make the customer feel as if they are spending money with a luxury brand. 

There are several ways that your customers can be taken to your store, such as by clicking your logo, clicking the store name in product listings, and clicking on any sponsored ads that you’ve linked to the site. 

Final Thoughts

Now you should know the main ways to up your revenue and sell your clothes on Amazon. But don’t worry I still have a few last bits of parting wisdom for you. 

If you also advertise on other social media platforms such as Facebook, you can also use data from these platforms on Amazon. Understanding the seasonality of certain items will also help boost sales.

For example, you’re not going to want to be selling flip-flops through Christmas or heavy coats during the summer. Ensuring that your ads reflect seasonality is important too. 

This can seem like a lot of information to process all at once, but don’t worry, you don’t need to introduce them all overnight.

Even if you only use one or two of these tips, for now, you’ll still see a noticeable difference in your sales.

And once you’re confident you’ve got those tips and tricks down, you can move on to the next few and watch your business grow even further. 

Dedication, time, and patience are all also key ingredients to ensure a blossoming business. As much as we’d all like to get rich quickly, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep going, persevere, and watch in time as you head on that upward trajectory. 

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