How to Make Money with a Bitcoin – Where To Start

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How to Make Money with a Bitcoinbitcoin

There are several ways in which you can grow a stable stream of income with Bitcoins. A lot of people are into cryptocurrencies because they believe they can make quick money within a short period of time. Although cryptocurrencies may create new possibilities for making income, the basics still remain the same; you need to invest money, and a lot of time to make more money.

Just like any other method of making money, investing in digital currency needs potential investors who are willing to take risks for a substantial income. Although the returns on investment can be very lucrative, there is no guarantee that the value of Bitcoin will not experience a significant drop. In this article, you will learn how to make money with a Bitcoin and also get to know the options that generate higher returns.

In a previous article we discussed the basics of bitcoin and here are some ways on how to make money with a Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is the buying and selling of Bitcoins in the short term to make a profit. Bitcoin traders are quite different from investors because they view this cryptocurrency as an instrument for making profits. It is not surprising that most traders don’t even bother studying the ideology or technology behind the product they are trading. There is a reason why Bitcoin trading has risen in popularity over recent years. First, Bitcoin is known for its volatile nature.

This means that you can make a huge profit as long as you anticipate the market correctly. Secondly, Bitcoin trading is usually open 24 hours a day unlike the traditional markets such as stocks and commodities which had a time for opening and closing. With Bitcoin, you can make buy or sell at any time. The unregulated landscape laid out by Bitcoin makes it easier to start trading as you don’t require a long process of identity verification.

How to Make Money with a Bitcoin Tradingbitcoin trading

The Bitcoin market is composed of two major types of traders; short-term and long-term traders. Each of these groups is usually classified based on the duration they want to hold onto a certain position of trade.

  • Short-Term Trading

Short-term traders seek to take advantage of the price swings by analyzing the intra-day behavior of the price of Bitcoin. A short-term trader often thrives in the volatility of the crypto market which is the present characteristic of Bitcoin. There used to be huge swings in the Bitcoin price during the early stages because a little event in the crypto space had a significant impact on the price of a cryptocurrency. Experts think that it is the best time to trade cryptocurrency because the price volatility had considerably reduced as Bitcoin becomes more stable the more its adoption grows.

  • Long-Term Trading

Long-term traders on the other hand are usually interested in studying the trends in price over a long period of time. This helps them to make a wise decision of buying and holding Bitcoin over a long time with the hope of getting higher profits than the original point of entry. A lot of users made their decision to buy when Bitcoin was still in its developmental stages to yield massive profits at some time in the future.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of releasing new Bitcoins and verifying transactions before they can be added to the blockchain or the public ledger. To participate in mining, you need suitable hardware and access to fast or stable internet. The recent transactions are compiled into blocks and the miners can then find a solution to a very challenging puzzle. Anyone who manages to solve the puzzle first is given a chance to add the subsequent block on the blockchain and he or she claims the rewards.

The mining process is incentivized by the rewards which are the newly released Bitcoins as well as the transaction fees that are associated with the compiled transactions. The block reward is the number of new Bitcoin that have been released with each of the mined blocks. The blockchains make up a public ledger of transactions and they secure the Bitcoin transactions.

However, the structure of the blockchain transactions makes it extremely difficult to compromise or alter even by the best hackers. To keep these transactions secure, computer power needs to be dedicated to verify the activity and package the details in a block that is transferred into the Bitcoin ledger. Bitcoin miners are usually rewarded for their efforts of tracking and securing transactions, and earn Bitcoins for every successful block in the process.

How to Make Money with Bitcoin Miningbitcoin mining

In the early days of cryptocurrency, miners would download a dedicated software package that was designed to process Bitcoin transactions in the background of their computers. This is no longer practical in the modern-day because it has become too difficult to solve the Bitcoin transactions using your average computer. The Bitcoin network has been programmed to produce a specific number of new Bitcoins after every 10 minutes. The network will be generous in a situation where a few people are mining Bitcoins at any given time and readily share the Bitcoins to reach the predetermined number.

The network has become stingier when it comes to handing out Bitcoins to miners now that Bitcoin mining is so widespread. The network requires you to confirm transactions by solving more difficult problems in an attempt to control the frequency of generating Bitcoins. If you want to make money with Bitcoin mining, you need a piece of more powerful equipment and strategy.

Miners need to adopt one of these approaches to have a chance at being profitable with Bitcoin mining:

  • Buy Specialized Hardware

It is important to buy hardware that is specifically designed for mining Bitcoin if you want to get started with your own mining rig. Set it up and then allow it to solve Bitcoin transactions by running 24/7. Making money on the process is the most challenging part. The mining process becomes more difficult the more people sign up to mine Bitcoins. The Bitcoin mining rigs also come at a price and to determine your profits, you need to subtract all these expenses from the earned Bitcoins.

  • Join A Cloud Mining Pool

If you feel you can’t buy and maintain your own mining hardware then the best way to go is to join a cloud mining pool. Cloud mining companies usually put most of their investment in huge mining rigs and then sell subscriptions to individuals who are interested in Bitcoin Mining. You earn a small percentage of the Bitcoins yield by those mining rigs because of your subscription to the cloud mining company.

The biggest problem that comes with joining a cloud mining pool is avoiding fraud. Most of these companies sell thousands of multi-year subscriptions and they are likely to disappear into the sunset after paying out for a few months. If you want to join any cloud mining pool, it is advisable to do your homework in advance to ensure the company is not a scheme but a real cloud miner.

Other Ways on How to Make Money with Bitcoin

  • Promote Bitcoin Affiliate Programs crytp trading machine

Promoting Bitcoin through several affiliate programs is one of the most overlooked ways of making money with Bitcoin. People who promote a certain business are usually referred to as affiliates and they always receive a commission if they are successful in bringing in paying customers. You can enroll in the affiliate programs of many Bitcoin products, services, and exchanges. They will give you a unique affiliate link that can allow you to promote a given service or product.


  • Lend Your Bitcoins For Interest

The Bitcoin lending platforms usually connect crypto owners with borrowers who need crypto for an interest rate. It really seems a good idea because these loans are very risky making the interest rates to be pretty high. However, most borrowers are likely to default because there is no actual collateral that holds them liable. It requires little to no effort lending your Bitcoins but no one considers this option because of the high risks involved despite the potential of holding high rewards.

  • Running A Signature Campaign In BitcoinTalk

It is possible to use your BitcoinTalk signature to advertise a certain product and earn money for every post you write. The forum itself has a complete list of campaigns and you get paid depending on your level of membership on BitcoinTalk. You will need at least 120 posts to become a full member if you want to earn some good money. In addition, there is a requirement of minimum post needed per week and you can make some good money depending on your membership level and how much you write.

Final Thoughts

All the above ways of making money with Bitcoins are known to work but each of them comes with its own pros and cons. There are some which are too risky to pursue such as lending your Bitcoins, while others take a greater amount of effort and resources to get money. It is very important to understand the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency and always bet on the fundamentals of the crypto market. Lastly, get to learn from how different altcoins are developing since the future of cryptocurrency keeps evolving over time.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with bitcoin and these are only some of them.

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