Can I Make $8,000+ Per Day for only $37? Review, Scam or Legit?

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Can I Make $8,000+ Per Day for only $37? Review, Scam or Legit?CB Cash Code

Who couldn’t use some extra money or is tired of working for someone who doesn’t appreciate them? Many people are turning to the internet in hopes of making fast money so they can quit their job and do what they want.

Unfortunately, too many people are lured into false hopes by promising of making crazy money like $8,000+ per day for a low low price of $37.

Is this really possible? Let’s take a look at CB Cash Code. What is CB Cash Code, it’s training, and is this legit or just another scam.

Name: CB Cash Code

Price: $37+++

Guarantee: 60-Day money-back guarantee

Introductioncb cash code scam

CB Cash Code was created by George Patterson. Well, at least that’s what he claims his name is. There are questions that he went by another name promoting another product. This is not a big deal since authors write under other names all the time.

In the sales video, he talks about coming from humble beginnings and dropping out of school at 16 to get a job to help support the family. Things were going OK until his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

His cousin, Jeremy gave him $40,000 to help with expenses. George then had to travel to see his cousin Jeremy to find out what he did and how he was able to give him that much money. Jeremy explained to George how he uses ClickBank to make a lot of money.

George discusses how very few people know about Clickbank and how it has paid out over $2 billion to ordinary people.

More On The Sales Video….

Two years after George started, he talks about how much he has made and how all his dreams have come true. George then talks about how he and Jeremy designed a system that will help others to get started with making money on Clickbank.

Toward the end of the sales video, George explains how you can make your dreams come true as he flashes pictures of beach homes and an expensive sports car.

Claims it only takes 10 minutes a day and that It’s so easy that even is 79-year-old Nan can do it.


The first testimonial claims she works no more than 10 minutes a day and makes over $80,000 a month from a website that she never heard of before.

cb cash code testimonial

Testimonial 2: I tried out other things online, but really hit the jackpot on this one. In the past six months, I made more than $500,000.

cb cash code fake

Testimonial 3: I thought making this kind of money was for bankers, wall street traders, and the like. But here I am with a new BMW.

Don’t get me wrong, but you drive a new BMW and it looks like your bedroom is a closet?

fake testimonial

Unfortunately, all three testimonials are paid spokespeople from Fiverr. Are there no real people willing to give a testimonial?

Another thing that I found interesting, is that all the YouTube videos that promote CB Cash Code were animated, I looked at several and did not see one real person. Some people will promote anything to try to make a buck!

Who Is CB Cash Code Forcb cash false

CB Cash Code is promoted as an easy way to make money online using Clickbank. George teaches you how to use Clickbank to make money using four lessons:

  • The CB Cash Code Main Guide
  • Clickbank Cash Pro
  • Clickbank Book Plus
  • Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method

CB Cash Code will cover some basics of affiliate marketing. Clickbank is only one tool that you can use. Clickbank is easy and quick to sign up with, you can start promoting products right away.

How Does Cash Code Workcb cash code

When someone signs up to CB Cash Code for $37, they are immediately offered two upsells. One for $197 and a second for $147.

The $37 price will get you into the training, which consists of four PDF. This is not bad in itself, but to teach some skills, you really need videos to learn from, especially in our current time. I may not be very tech-savvy, but show me a video on how to do something and I might just learn to do it.

The Course

Basically, what you are buying is a guide on how to make money with Clickbank using paid advertising. But wait, didn’t the sales video say that you would not be doing this?

The course is designed for anyone that is just getting started online. Unfortunately, anyone just starting out would not understand some terms that are thrown at them. If you don’t know what the terms mean, you will gain practice searching for their meanings online.

The 48-page Main Guide $37

  • The importance of email marketing
  • How to integrate Clickbank with a link tracker
  • How to avoid some common mistakes

Clickbank Cash Pro covers: 1st upsell $197cash code secret method

  • Different forms of paid advertising
  • SEO

Clickbank Book Plus: 2nd upsell $147

Another 19-page generic eBook on Facebook marketing.

Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method

A 14-page manual shows their secret method of how to use Clickbank to make thousands a day.

Is Cash Code A Scam Or Legit

I will start off by saying that the product is Legit. It is based on Clickbank and people do make money there as I do. I know it’s not as easy as they say to make $8,000 per day, that would equal almost $3 million a year. I am glad in the video that George said that he only made just over $1 million last year.

If you want to watch the sales video, click here.

You will see that the sales video is very hyped up and is designed to take you on an emotional roller coaster, with a happily ever after fairy tale ending.

I am not saying the story is not true, but this one has even more hype than usual. To me, it appears as a desperate man’s plea to buy his product. There is no mention of what the system is or what you will learn, only that it is selling Clickbank products.

Surviving Online

I believe that in order to survive online, you need to learn some basic marketing skills. It will take more than 10 minutes a day to generate any real income. Once you have established yourself after years of dedicated work, you can cut your time down.

If you want to survive online, avoid all the hype. For example, you can set up your own Clickbank account and watch their videos. They will cover the basics and are worth watching.

Find other free training. Once you find a place you like, then stick with it. You can see the one I like by clicking here.

Conclusion/Recommendationcb cash scam

Even though CB Cash Code is a legit product, I would NOT recommend it. The materials are pretty generic and do not provide what newbies need. There are other products out there that provide a much better way to learn than this.

See my recommendation here.

People are more hands-on and visual learners. A video teaching step-by-step instructions and explaining why you are doing something is very important in this high-tech world we now live in. Reading a manual is a good start, but is not enough these days.

If it weren’t for the videos and having access to a supporting community, I would have given up a while ago. Luckily, I found a place that I can learn and thrive in.

To find out more, click here.

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