How Much Do YouTube Editors Make?

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Youtube is a platform that when used to its maximum potential can make you some serious money. And while becoming a Youtube star is the best way to get the dollars rolling in, it’s not the only option available to you. 

If you have a keen eye and imagination for editing, you may consider becoming a video editor. However, there are several different factors that will determine just how big that paycheck will be.

In this article, we’ll go over these factors and see how much you’d be expected to make per video as well as per hour. 

What Does A YouTube Editor Do? 

As it says in the name, a Youtube editor edits videos via the Youtube Studio. This will involve cutting or trimming sections of clips that aren’t interesting enough to make the cut. You may also add in captions, music, and such. 

For more complex editing, editors may turn to different software to edit the videos. They do this because of their options to do much more complex things to the edit.

There are many other functions and effects that can be used that you won’t be able to do on Youtube Studio’s simpler editing studio. 

Why Do People Hire YouTube Editors?

There are several reasons why someone might want to hire an editor for their videos such as: 

  • Keep Their Focus – Up-and-coming businesses or ‘stars’ may use an editor so they can keep their concentration on making content while someone else spends the time editing those videos for them. 
  • Marketing Goals – An experienced editor can help you meet marketing goals which will lead to higher profits
  • Faster Delivery – Editing can take a while to do, especially if you’re not proficient at it, hiring an editor helps people meet their deadlines. 

How Much Can You Currently Make From Editing YouTube Videos? 

As with many skilled jobs, the better you are at editing, and the more experience you have will impact how much money you can be expected to make.

Novice and beginner editors will be looking at around $15-$50 per hour depending on the video. More experienced or expert editors can be looking at anywhere between $50 to $100 for each hour of editing. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of a Youtube editor is around the $76,000 mark. But as mentioned above, several factors will influence how much you’ll earn. 

Influential Factors

So what exactly are these factors I keep mentioning? Below you will find a list of all the aspects that may affect just how much you’re making. 


Higher skilled level editors will have access to better software such as Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro which they will use to make more professional videos.

This may not seem like a lot but there is a huge difference between these and the standard Youtube editor. 

Having a good understanding of SEO will also massively help editors. This means that they will be able to ensure that the video is search-engine friendly and will thus get more views.

Editors with knowledge of SEO tools will often be able to charge much more than those who do not. 

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As you gain more experience, you’ll be able to charge more. This is because you can demonstrate that you have knowledge of how to edit the video and will have built up a portfolio of strong work. 

This experience doesn’t have to just be for Youtube, it could be in any sector such as fashion videos, health, home, or marketing for example. 


Youtube video editors in certain locations will earn more than others. For example, you’ll be much more likely to earn more money in the USA than you would be in India. 

How Much Do YouTube Video Editors Make Per Video? 

Again, there won’t be a set amount of money that editors will charge. It will completely depend on the video that is being edited.

Easier and more simple videos, though, usually go for around $375 while more complex or confusing edits can be upwards of $750 per video. 

The editor will take a few things into account. Does the video need lots of special effects or captioning? Is the video 10 minutes long or just 10 seconds?

The answer to these questions can either increase or reduce the amount that will be charged. Effectively, the more work that the video requires, the more the editor can charge. 

YouTube Video Editor Salary 

This one is a little difficult to answer because the range can be so different from person to person, and from place to place.

However, a quick search on Glassdoor tells us that the average wage per year for a Video Editor and Producer is sound $53,000. 

However, Indeed tells us that the average English editor will be looking at around £28,000 ($35,000) a year, while in Australia it is around close to $61,000. 

Final Thoughts

Editing videos to seem seamless and professional is a real skill that not a lot of people have. And it’s definitely something that you can make a career out of.

If you’re not quite at an experienced level yet, I would definitely recommend getting out there and trying to get as much experience as you can.

You won’t be able to charge masses at the beginning, but once you’ve got that portfolio behind you, you will be able to really start increasing your earnings. 

And if you’re someone that creates content on the site, it is definitely worth bringing in a video editor as it will make your life a whole lot easier and help you increase your revenue from each and every video. 

Overall, there isn’t a set amount of money that editors earn because there are so many influential factors, but the average salary is definitely decent and with a bit of hard work and perseverance it is definitely something that you could live off. 

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