What Is WordPress Beaver Builder And How To Use It

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What Is WordPress Beaver Builder And How To Use ItBeaver Builder for your WordPress website

Consider this: You are new to WordPress but you want to get started fast and put your website in front of as many people as you can. Instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of how WordPress works, or how you can create a page using the tools available, you get a plugin and voila! The website is live within seconds. That is the beauty of a page builder plugin. And, when we think of page builder plugins for WordPress the first name that comes to our mind is WordPress Beaver Builder Plugin.

In short, the Beaver Builder plugin is a perfect plugin to create layouts for the landing pages. You can fill the page with content, add images, embed videos, and other content types that you want, and create impressive themes without adding a single line of code.

Moreover, Beaver Themer plugin, also allows you to create landing pages that include lots of content pieces on a single page – similar to an infographic.

The beauty of this plugin is that it lets you edit layout areas that are outside the content area of the page, for example, the widget area and the bottom area of the page.

Let’s learn about the Beaver Builder plugin in more detail below. We will be discussing the installation process, FAQs by people, and the features of the plugin.

Get Started with WordPress Beaver Builder Plugin

Whether you want to build simple web pages or add rich details on a landing page, everything is possible with the Beaver Builder plugin. It offers a drag and drop option – something that every WordPress user wants – allows users to make a layout of their choice. The liberty to create amazing landing pages is now in the hands of site owners thanks to the Beaver builder plugin. They can get as creative as they want and whenever they want

The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) section allows beaver builder users to create appearances that were not previously available on their websites. This includes graphs, loading bars, content folds, video and infographic embeds, content separators and folds. And, adding all these pieces to the landing page takes only a few seconds.

You can use the Beaver builder plugin with an already live website. This means even if you have content available on your website, you can add more content or even change the whole layout of the website using the Beaver Builder Plugin.

With the tool, you can select templates of your choice, or start from scratch to build an attractive design for your website. Moreover, the beaver builder also allows you to change the layout type, turn it into a full-width page, or modify the theme of the website as per your need. Everything is possible with the beaver builder plugin.

Beaver Builder Zen Life Course

Beaver Builder Elements

From creating stylish layouts to beautifying your blog as you want, beaver builder offers a variety of options for novice WordPress users. Let’s take a look at all of them one by one.

  • Drag & Drop layout and styling

The drag and drop builder allows users to add content modules into place using the pointer on their screen. Drag and drop feature offers multiple modules that one can use based on their preferences. They can separate each option by row or column. Each separator in the beaver plugin is carefully designed to look different from the rest. When you add more modules, designing will get a little complex. So, make sure you use rows and columns sparsely.

  • Responsive – Suits Your Mobile & Tablet

With the beaver builder plugin, you can make your website look responsive on tablets, smartphones, and even on desktops. According to recent statistics on-site responsiveness, almost 70 percent of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your website is not ready to cater to your traffic, your website will disappear from search. With Beaver builder plugin you can make your website more responsive so that it looks responsive and works in your favor.

If you want to know how to make Beaver builder plugin more responsive, or how it can help you retain more traffic on your website, don’t forget to read this in-depth article about how to build a responsive website using Beaver Builder.

  • Design Local Layouts As You Want

Beaver Builder also allows you to make changes to only a local version of the website. This means the website will show a different layout in one region, while a varying version in another part of the region.

By default, you will only get the option to change the layout of the WordPress pages. However, if you want to customize blogs available on your website, you will need to enable the blog editor version from the list.

You can choose to save the layout that you are working on globally. That means changes you make in one location will be reflected in other locations.

Do remember that Beaver Builder can only be used for WordPress pages by default. However, if you want to enable it, that is also possible with the Beaver builder plugin. Simply enable the builder and add layout to individual blog posts of your website.

  • Beaver Builder style settings

Beaver Builder also offers style settings to the users. It can style three areas: Header, footer, and sidebars. For the header, the beaver builder offers customization of the top bar and the main header. And, for the footer, the beaver builder offers customization of the main footer area and the widgets. By default, you cannot style the beaver builder sidebars. However, you can enable it on the pages of your choice. Beaver builder lets you add, remove, and edit widgets on the sidebar and change the way they are designed. It comes with many options to choose from and users have the liberty to make a design by merging two sidebar designs.

customize your WordPress site with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Features

While Beaver Builder offers a free and paid version for its software. The free version has certain limitations that can come-in while you are optimizing the layout of your website. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy the paid version of the Beaver Builder software. It is even better to search for a demo of the website to see if it works for your business.

Let’s see what features the Beaver Builder software offers to WordPress users.

  • Usability

The WordPress plugin is a classic example of a flawless user experience. Users who would want to cut down their time for launching a full-fledged website down to only a few minutes can make use of the Beaver builder plugin. It is free to use. It offers great support. And is one of the finest plugins in the market.

  • Fast performance

Although Beaver plugin isn’t directly related to faster performance. But because of the use of content effectively, we can proudly say that Beaver is great at improving speed, decreasing retention time, and enhancing the website experience.

  • Customizable

You can customize your website in any way you want using the Beaver Builder plugin. This means you are free to customize either the landing pages or the entire website. Even the blog posts can be customized according to your needs with the plugin installed. The best part is that you can customize most of the plugin even with the free plugin available. No need to go premium.

  • SEO Optimization

The Beaver Builder plugin gives you the ability to add more modules to your page. By adding more modules, you can make the site more search-worthy. What is the benefit of this feature? Well, everybody wants their website to get indexed in search engines faster. By adding more content to it and in the right manner, you can optimize your website in a way you want.

  • Responsive

We have already discussed how the Beaver builder plugin makes your website more responsive. That is another feature of this plugin. You can easily create a theme that is compelling to use and fully responsive. No need to worry about users bouncing off your website any longer because that is where this has been taken care of by the Beaver builder plugin.- Modules

  • Modules

Another great benefit of the plugin is that you can make use of modules as per your will. There are no limits to how you want your website to look. It can be a vertical design, a horizontal design, or a bridged design that is in-between both. Modules also help you increase CTR and retention of users on the website.

  • Multisite

You can use the Beaver builder plugin on as many multi-sites as you want by getting the premium version. However, you may have to invest $199 to get this functionality. But the benefit is that it is perfect for all those who have multiple websites earning money for them.

  • Support

Beaver builder offers ticket and email support to its customers. An average ticket takes less than 30 minutes to respond. Since the plugin is not directly related to sales, this time is enough for customers to get their campaigns solved easily.

Installing Beaver Builder On WordPress Website

  • First of all, download the beaver builder plugin and then install it on your website. You can also install it directly from the WordPress > Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > PLUGIN NAME. Once the Beaver builder plugin is installed successfully on your website, you will be able to use it to customize your site’s landing pages.
  • Now, you need to go back to the DASHBOARD and click on NEW PAGE. Once you have opened a new page in WordPress, simply click on PAGE BUILDER to use the Beaver Builder plugin and customize your website.
  • Use the plugin to optimize the website in any way you want. Once you are done, turn off the Beaver builder plugin by clicking on SAVE. That’s it. You have successfully customized the landing pages of your website using the Builder Beaver plugin.

FAQs for using Beaver BuilderBeaver Builder Questions

Is the Beaver Builder Plugin free to use?

Yes and no. Beaver Builder plugin is free to use if you want limited functionality. However, if you want a full-fledged version that has more functionality available and that can work on multiple sites and stores you own, then it is recommended that you get the Beaver builder paid plugin.

Will Beaver Builder plugin work with my store version?

Yes. Builder Beaver plugin is now supported with all WordPress versions including WordPress 5.0+. You can get the plugin directly from the WordPress plugin store and install it on your website and it will work like a charm.

Can I use Beaver Builder Plugin on the landing page only?

No. The plugin can be used to customize any part of your website. Whether you want to use these plugins to customize your landing pages or the internal blog posts, Beaver builder plugin can do it all for you with ease. The tool is getting updated regularly, so you will probably find new features in the plugin in the months to come.

How to migrate beaver builder to other websites?

Beaver Builder allows you to export data before you migrate your website. You can then re-import the Beaver plugin data back to the new website and the theme will automatically customize to the settings you want. Even a layman who does not know how to work with plugins can export and import Beaver plugin settings.

Do other plugins work with beaver builder?

Yes, the Beaver builder plugin only affects the layout of the website. It does not have any impact on any other area of the website. So, for those who are unsure about how many plugins they can install with Beaver plugin should rest assured because Beaver plugin works with all of them.

Verdict: Is it the right customization plugin for WordPress?

You bet! The plugin comes with extensive customization options that can help almost anyone scale their business with ease. Users can customize the landing pages, regular web pages, blog posts, and all other important pages of the website without a problem.

Final Thoughts On Beaver Builder

As you can see, Beaver Builder has a lot to offer our websites. With it’s user friendly features that allow us to be a more responsive, SEO-friendly and easier to use website, this is a welcomed tool for any designer, developer or blogger.

For more information or to purchase Beaver Builder, you can use my affiliate link.

Please leave your comments and questions below and thank you for reading.


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