CB Passive Income 5 – Can You Believe They Improved It Again?

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CB Passive Income 5 – Can You Believe They Improved It Again?cb passive income scam

Patric Chan first launchedCB Passive Income in 2013 and has continually updated his system to make it better. The latest release is version 5.0. We will discuss what CB Passive Income is, the new features, and how you can use it to make money online.

Name: CB Passive Income 5.0

Website: cbpassiveincome.com
Price: $47 monthly or $497 one time +++

Guarantee: 60-Day money back guarantee

Creator: Patric Chan

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.

Introduction To CB Passive Income

Patric Chan released CB Passive Income back in 2013, version 5.0 has only been available since October 22, 2018. This is the latest version in a line of his proven system.

Very few systems on Clickbank have been doing so well for so long as CB Passive Income. The sales video is very low keyed and does not make outrageous claims like many of them do. Patric has been around long enough and we know that his system is a good one for anyone starting out or looking for a boost in their online business.

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How Does CB Passive Income 5.0 Work

Patric will allow his subscribers to copy and use his marketing materials. This includes emails, web pages, and so on. He will show you how to use his material to make money promoting Clickbank products.

You will receive emails which will recommend products to promote and other offers that he will make affiliate commissions on.

This is basically a system that is designed to help you make money by helping Patric make money. For example, by promoting CB Passive Income, you will make an affiliate commission and Patric will make his sale.

The system feeds itself. You join, drive traffic with your link, others will join and you will make a commission. It’s almost sounds like some sort of a ponzi scheme, except there will be other products will be offered, so it is not.

There are several funnels that you can promote for people to enter. They can sign up and view a free webinar, take a free course, download a free eBook, and so on. There are also others that your referrals can get a free hard copy book, they just pay shipping and are very popular. Some funnels are free and others may need to be purchased.

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CB Passive Income 5.0 Price And Upsells

Cost: $47 monthly or $497 one-time fee. This is enough to get you started on your way to make making money online. The accelerators below are available are not necessary to start making money, but will boost your earning potential.

Inbox Pro Version $97 – if you want to control your leads, you must purchase this product, this will allow you to promote additional items of your choice to your list.

If you don’t purchase this, then anyone that is referred to the “secret site” will be handled by CB Passive Income and you will not have any control over what is promoted or the list itself.

Mass Bot Profits $99 – this will teach you how to promote on Facebook.

The Internet to Income Insider $100 monthly – this is a backend offer that is not in the product.

What I Like

  • Patric has been promoting his CB Passive Income since 2013
  • It is a proven system and just about everything is done for you
  • Patric is always looking to update and improve his system
  • 60-day money back guarantee through Clickbank
  • He is upfront that he will promote affiliate products to you and does not try to hide this

What I Do Not Likeclickbank cash

  • You will be given a web page and you select what content you want on it. This content may show up on multiple sites and Google will not like this. You will see little to no organic traffic.
  • You will promote this site through email, social media, and paid advertising.
  • Traffic is based on giving away free courses, software, or eBooks.
  • Everything is done for you and others, there appears to be very little opportunity to make a unique site if you are using prewritten content and pages that others are using.
  • For a system that is designed where you need to drive traffic to it, it does not do a good job at teaching how to drive traffic. There needs to be more training on this.

Is CB Passive Income 5.0 A Scam Or Legit

This is a Legit system, otherwise it would not have been around this long. You can make money with it, but how much control you want is up to you.

If you have another online busy currently running, you may be able to use this with it. Just check first, unless you want to use this as a standalone business.

Patric explains that he does all the hard work for you and you only need to drive traffic to your secret site. Well, since you will receive little if any organic traffic, the hard part is driving traffic. It will take time with social media and can get expensive if you use paid advertising.


If you are looking for a simple way to make some money online, this could be it. However, this appears to have its limitations and you are using prebuilt pages and prewritten content. It does not leave a lot of room for individuality or personalization.

To learn to create your own website and start your own online business, see where I started learning for FREE. This is my most recommended opportunity and will allow you to create your unique site and not a copy of something else.

No matter what type of online business you start, you must be able to control every aspect of it. This includes content, images, email list, and so on. If you want to make a good income and not just a quick buck, then you must be able to control it. Leaving your financial success in someone else’s hands may not be the best way to go.

I know Patric has been around a while, but I would not let him have that amount of control over my site, but then that’s just me.

Please leave your comments or questions below and thank you for reading,


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4 thoughts on “CB Passive Income 5 – Can You Believe They Improved It Again?”

  1. Do you think you would make good profits off of this site even with the most basic version? It seems like it is counterintuitive if I’m spending money on advertising for it and buying the package to make money.

    • Hi Lauren,
      I do believe that you can make money with CB Passive income, but “good” money will depend on your personal definition. Keep in mind, with any business, you will need to spend some money to make it successful. Although some can and will make money with Patrick’s system, this is not the way I would go.

      Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate, that’s where I started and continue to grow.

      Thank you for your comment,

    • With CB Passive Income, you will build a site from templates, then you can drive traffic there with blog posts, Facebook and other social media sites. You can also use paid ads to drive traffic there, but because the site is “built for you”, your free organic traffic will be limited.

      Take a look at the video and that may help you decide if this is best for you. I would also check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate, this is a very helpful community were I enjoy being part of.

      Thank you for your question,


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