What Is the Lurn Summit by Anik Singal

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What Is the Lurn Summit by Anik

lurn summit 2.0

If you are looking to start a business online where you can earn as much as 7 figure income consistently. Then this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Making money online isn’t as difficult has most internet marketers claim to be. In fact, starting a business online is one of the easiest ways to make money.

However, it can be a little difficulty getting started online especially if you are completely new to the internet.

However, even as a beginner you can fast track your learning process by grabbing this once in a lifetime opportunity where you get uninterrupted access to meet one of the best and well-respected entrepreneurs who has gone from apparently knowing nothing to building a multi-million dollar business online.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or dead broke. You can have access to this wonderful business summit.

This Summit has been created to teach you everything you need to start a business and run it successfully. You get practically proven knowledge on every aspect you need to make your first million dollars and how to keep making more.

Join Anik Singal the CEO and founder of Lurn Inc., a multimillion-dollar online company that is transforming people’s lives all over the world by teaching them how to make money on the internet via creating several digital businesses.

What Is Lurn All About

can I learn affiliate marketing at lurn summit

Lurn is an online and offline transformational home for entrepreneurs everywhere. It is a digital business hub that was created to help teach everything about digital publishing, entrepreneurship and online marketing as a whole.

No matter the field of digital marketing and business you desire to pursue, the Lurn academy has result oriented courses to cater for your needs.

In the community you have access to both free and premium courses to help you through your journey in the online business space.

Lurn Inc. was founded by Anik Singal in 2004, with a strong motivation to empower others to create and grow passion-based business, to encourage individuals with big ideas to change the world and to educate people about how to be the best entrepreneurs they can be.

For many years’ past, Lurn has been teaching individuals digital courses in several fields such as;

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Traffic Generation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel-building
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Coaching

Lurn is a community that home top businesses persons as trainers with many trainees from all over the world.

Because Anik Signal understands that not all hands are equally created when it comes to finances and resourcefulness and with his mission to helping the human race. He has decided to hold one of the biggest business summits ever created in the entire world.

This summit is a virtual summit that will be done online. This means you do not have to travel down to any physical destination to participate in this summit.

You also do not need to worry about the cost of hotel accommodation or feeding for the period of this summit.

The best part is you do not have any reason not to participate in the summit because with just $1 you will be granted full and complete access.

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What is Lurn Summit

As we’ve discussed above that Anik Signal is organising a virtual summit to teach persons interested in starting, launching and growing a business online.

Lurn Summit is the flagship bearer of the summit that is scheduled to hold online across every continent on earth.

The virtual summit will feature world-class speakers who will speak about building and growing your business online.

The virtual gathering is a 2-day intensive training that will hold for good 8 hours on both the days, which makes it a total of 16-hour with lots of learning about online business.

This Summit will cover everything right from creating an online business mind-set and walk you right through to the step by step process you need to set up and run your business.

In turn, you will get to learn top marketing skills such as Facebook advertising and copy writing, Instagram marketing and other top-notch sales and advertising skills

Therefore, if you are looking to start a business or you have a business that you are currently battling to grow, then this summit is for no one but you.

What Does The Event Include

what will I learn at lurn summit

This Summit is going to be held with multiple experts. And do you know what’s even more attractive about this summit? It is going to happen on a weekend, and you only pay $1 to attend. Yes, it’s that easy, convenient and affordable.

Here is a part of what you will learn from the event:

  • Learn how to build an email business
  • How to create a consulting business and the secret formula for how to make sales that can give your thousands of dollars instantly per sale.
  • During the event you will also see the speakers cover multiple business models, traffic strategies and conversion strategies making it worth a million value for your business and your career!
  • Another important part of the event is that it is not just a one-way communication event where only the speaker is permitted to talk all through the beginning of the event to the end.
  • In this summit you will get real practical works to do thus the event is going to be an interactive one where you get to ask several questions as much as you can.

Who Is Lurn Summit For

The Lurn summit is for anyone who plans to set-up an online business or already has one. If you already have one, this summit is definitely helping you identify the scope of expansion.

Moreover, if you are confused and hold a fear of how would you start your business online, then visit this event online, and you’ll have a lot to explore. Thus, this event is for all the online business enthusiasts who’d love to learn online business strategies.

Who Are The Speakers Coming To Train

The organizers of the summit have booked sessions with the very best minds in the industry.

Every trainer or presenter who is going to take you through one or two sessions are successful entrepreneurs who had one time been where you are presently.

They’re businessmen who all started from ground zero and built businesses that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.

They’ll be giving you their insider tactics and strategies to help you do the same thing for you to start, launch, or scale a digital business FAST…..! This is no BS

The keynote speakers that will be presenting at the summit are highly sought-after Entrepreneurs that have helped change the lives of MILLIONS of people over many decades. They’re coming together now to bring their power to LurnNation.

Majority of them are authors of the best-selling books, coaches who trained billionaires and lead Fortune 100 companies.

These men are some brightest minds in business and you are going to be blessed to have them at the Lurn Virtual Summit.

robert kiyosaki rich dad

Author Of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki who is the Best-Selling author of many books, and best known for Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the top speakers at the event. He has accurately predicted multiple Economic crashes and has consistently spoken about how entrepreneurs are the most likely to succeed.

Robert who himself is a serial entrepreneur has been involved with a small start-up as well as 3 companies that went public.

He is going to join the summit to tell everyone what it truly takes to achieve financial freedom and entrepreneurial success

Robert is also an international speaker who travels around to teach individual and corporate [corporate bodies on business development, financial education.

As one of the foremost experts on Financial and Wealth creation he has promised to share every secret he used to grow his personal business to success

You cannot afford to miss this for any reason

Lurn Summit Is For You

If you’re not seeing results – You’ve been trying to build an online business for years but you aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for. We want to give you a solution…

  • If you’re looking for a change – If you want to move from employee to entrepreneur and get fast results, this is for you…
  • If you’re looking for growth – If you’re a business owner who already has an online business and want to scale…you’re the right person tom attend the event
  • If you’re looking for a side business – you will learn to build a profitable business you can do on the side with the top training methods and tools that will be shared during the summit.
lurn summit 2.0 is only $1

Why Is This Event For Just $1

Because Anik Signal knows and believes that there are thousands of brilliant folks out there who sometimes are limited from exploring their own greatness because of financial restrictions, thus he is making it a gift to help transform lives.


As you can see by some speakers and topics mentioned, there will be a lot discussed at this summit and has the potential to change your life.

This summit can teach you so much about running a successful online business, the only question is do you have an open mind and ready to learn how to do it?

To register or for more information, click here.

Please leave your comments and questions below and thank you for reading.


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