How to Make Money on Upwork – A Writers Story

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Being a freelancer is a preference for a lot of people. From being your own boss to managing daily tasks at your own rule, there are lots of advantages of being a freelancer. However, it comes with some drawbacks too.

Payment fraud, not getting enough clients, and job convenience are some notable ones. Well, you won’t have to face all that if you work in a reputed marketplace. And, Upwork is one of them.

Those who are thinking about becoming successful freelance writers should explore the website. In this article, I am going to talk about how to make money on Upwork by writing from home, and anywhere in the world.

How to Make Money on Upwork With No Experience

If you are an experienced writer, you won’t be reading my article. That is why I’m dedicating my story to the inexperienced ones who have just entered the battlefield.

However, I also know some experienced writers working as a freelancer who is waiting for the biggest break in their career. And, getting Jobs on Upwork can be that break. So, let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions along with some success stories to give you a clear picture.

Do Freelance Writers Get Paid

Yes, of course, they get paid. Why won’t they? There are tons of writing tasks in every company and industry. For documentation, marketing, report making, thesis, assignments, proposal, or various reasons, you need a writer to express your thoughts clearly and logically.

As a beginner, you may think that your inexperienced writing can’t secure a job, let alone earn money. But you are wrong. Because no one starts their career as the best in that field. You learn through your performance.

Indeed, no one hits the jackpot right after the start. In the beginning, the amount is so small that you would think of leaving it. But trust me, the situation gets improved once you have a good client base, reputation, and improved communication skills. All those factors are important to increase the rate and revenue.

Now, you may be thinking that who pays freelance writers. The answer is simple; whoever needs a writer pays him/her. You can get connected to interested parties through marketplaces, social media, or in-person meetings. After your work gets approved, and you get the job, either a third party (Upwork, iWriter, etc.) can ensure your earning or you can trust your employer or job provider for the payment.

I hope that you have got the idea. It is time to know the way of earning from Upwork as it is the safest bet for beginners. If you provide the service properly, you won’t ever get scammed.

How to Start Making Money on Upwork

The first thing as a freelance writer you have to understand is that someone is paying for your unique article. So, you should not expect any credit on the publishing site. You are a ghostwriter. There are lots of jobs in this category that you can find on Upwork.

After setting up your Upwork profile, start bidding at different job posts that you think are suitable for your skill. When you can ensure a custom and convincing pitch, your chances of getting the job gets increased a lot. After completing some projects successfully, your rating goes up, and it is possible to get invitations from different clients.

If you are offering your services in English, having a relevant degree would be a huge plus. However, that is not everything. Lots of professionals earn a good sum every month without having any academic certification.

According to the experts, the tips below can help you win the bid:

  • Most of the freelancers use a ready-made template for bidding or convincing the client. But those who create a custom cover letter for every job after carefully reading the job requirements win to have more winning chances.
  • It will help you a lot if you have a portfolio website where you show your previously completed tasks and recommendations from previous clients. even if you are new, making a portfolio would show your seriousness and professionalism.
  • Use some professional terms that are used in that particular industry. It helps send a signal that you know what you are doing.
  • Having some knowledge of search engine optimization could help you get high-paying jobs.

After getting confirmed, ask the client questions about the project and try to know what they want. No matter how good you are at writing, it won’t be good if it is not according to the clients’ requirements. Also, showing your writing expertise in a particular niche attracts the interested parties more. When you are getting lots of works, slowly start increasing your rates.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money on Upwork

The time to start making money on the marketplace varies from person to person. Based on your skill, pitch, communication skill, you can get work within a few days or it can take a few months.

No matter what the situation is, the trick is to keep bidding. At the same time, try to learn more about writing, improve your cover letter, and visit the profile of top-rated writers. It will give you an idea what the industry standards, and where you are lacking.

Some Success Stories

Writers like me who are looking for article writing jobs from home, Upwork, and other marketplaces are great options. My humble journey began a few years back in a local community. Some of my previously known marketers gave me blog writing jobs and paid for every thousand words or so.

I learned on the go and didn’t have any relevant academic degree. When I saw that my writings were published on some websites and performing well for those marketers, I wanted to provide my service in an international community.

The beginning was tough as I have already mentioned how it is for beginners. But it slowly got better. I started getting jobs through biddings in Upwork. After 8 or 9 months of good work, some clients started to send me invitations. And now, I barely bid on any job because those requests keep me busy.

Besides my success story, I also want to share someone else’s name, Danny. He could make over a hundred thousand bucks in a year working as a freelance writer on Upwork.

He had no prior copywriting skills, no college degree, no agency experience, no freelancing experience, or no other income sources. He just rolled the dice, learned along the way, and earned a fortune. The lesson here is that you have to act.

You can also find some motivation from the comments of this Reddit post. Besides fixed working rates, some freelancers got more successful and earned a lot more by charging per hour. A good piece of advice is to learn copywriting. Start slow, set a goal, and try to achieve it within the deadline.

Some Downsides That You Should Know

Upwork is indeed a great marketplace with thousands of clients, payment guarantees, and lots of other benefits. But there are some downsides too that you should keep in mind.

Despite the security measures, some people try to scam new writers by not complaining to Upwork. But it should not concern you if you deliver the work as instructed. By showing proofs from your end, you can clarify the matter to the support team, and you would get paid eventually.

For beginners, sacrificing 20% of their income is a lot. But that is the money you are spending for payment guarantees and other benefits. When you start earning more than $500 per month, the charge would get down to 10%.

As there are lots of new writers on the platform, you might find it difficult to land the first job. So, it is recommended that you do not rely solely on Upwork. Explore other options while you explore the marketplace.

Your Takeaway

I hope that you are now confident enough to start your career as a freelance content writer. In case you are wondering whether Upwork is legit and worth the effort, it is a good platform to start the journey.

Nonetheless, there are lots of other platforms for writers such as TextBroker, iWriter, etc. The way you have come to know this article about how to make money on Upwork, I’m sure that you would get to know how to earn through those platforms. Happy writing!

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